W500 Kayak Review by Tom George, West Virginia

Tom George is a fisherman from West Virginia, who has just received his new W500, and this is his ‘first impression’ kayak review:

We baptized the kayak this Sunday afternoon. It paddles fast and feels very stable.

Attached are two pictures. One is me at the dock as I was finishing a trial run.

Tom in his new W500 fishing kayak, at the dock

The other is my brother Dave, the first to paddle it.
Tom's brother Dave paddling his new W500 fishing kayak, at the dock

We launched it on the Monongahela River in Morgantown, WV.

Should you ever need help to close a sell in Morgantown, let me know and I’ll invite whomever for a trial.

The photos were taken at the Star City boat launch (north edge of Morgantown just off Interstate 79).


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9 thoughts on “W500 Kayak Review by Tom George, West Virginia”

  1. Hi Tom,
    Thank you for the review, and for your offer to assist new W kayakers.
    Please keep us updated with your new adventures, and send more pictures from this beautiful place you live in 🙂

  2. Straight to the point: “fast and stable yak!”
    I’d like to see pictures of Tom and Dave paddling standing 😀

  3. Tom, welcome to the Wavewalk club. I am sure you will enjoy your W500. Keep the photos coming.

  4. I felt very comfortable with my knees on the bottom and sitting. Unless I had a lot of experience, I don’t think I would stand and paddle. I don’t think it would be comfortable, and it is just against my nature to stand in a small boat.


  5. Well Tom looks like the fish population in your area has lots to worry about now. You have some interesting waters to paddle on with great sights in that area. We will be looking forward to some more pictures.

  6. Dave,
    Take your time, and don’t think about standing until you feel ready. There’s no point rushing such things. In a couple of months, or by next season, your perspective of this boat would have changed a lot.

  7. Great find Uncle Tom! I kayak & standup paddle daily in Hawaii.
    I’m going to see if they can get these on the Big Island.

  8. Heather George (Tom’s niece) is a Yoga therapist who practices in Colorado, Laguna beach in California, and Hawaii.
    Like a growing number of board surfers, she likes to practice SUP (stand up paddling) on a surfboard.
    Heather says that she became a Yoga therapist in part because of serious lumbar issues, and she says that as much as she loves outdoor sports, part of her healing journey has been eliminating activities that aggravate (rather than strengthen and heal) her body.
    This is one of the reasons she started using the ‘stand up’ paddle board more, and using the kayak less. She calls it ‘yoga board’, and she likes to sit on it cross-legged or with her legs dangling off the side and paddle too.

    Heather can be reached through her website http://www.thelotusway.org/


  9. Congrats on your new W500.
    Keep us up to date on your adventures! 🙂

    Happy Paddling!

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