Kayak Fishing Action: Rox’ Battle With A 20.5″ Large Mouth Bass

Large mouth bass - Rox in W500 fishing kayak
Here’s an update on my latest trip in my W500:
Hot humid (92 degrees) with slight winds.
I went to Rainbow Reservoir, it’s a dammed area of the Farmington river in Ct.
I headed down to some submerged trees in 26 Feet of water, pulled out the drop shot and started working it through the center of the tree, letting it drop fast to the bottom, and a little shake, pause, then I reeled up a few cranks, pause, shake.
As I moved the bait closer to the surface, I mean inches from the surface, the drop shot got slammed!!
A Tail walking Smallie, came up did 2 flips, but was put quickly in the net.

As I moved to the outside edge of the tree I dropped it down to 26′, paused, gave a little shake, wait, reel again 3 more cranks, pause, shake………………..BAM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Holy Cheese on Rice, one quick push with my paddle, and a well timed gust of wind, all my rod tip is doing is pumping down towards the water, my reels drag tighted as much as I dare, and they it all STOPS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
EEEEEEEEEEERRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR can’t reel, snagged or wrapped up on something, dropped my tip, pushed back with my paddle one handed, let the line slack just a little, then I felt movement………………………………free…………………up she comes with a Big Friggin Splash, zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz my drag is screaming!!
Up again and does a flop on her side……………….zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz…., holding my rod tip high, finally gaining ground I get her near the surface then she digs in, straight for the Bottom, I just hold on, bow my rod into the water, and start reeling her in again, she is tired.
I get her close, scoup that net and She’s Mine!! YeeeeeeeeeeHaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa.
20 1/2″ Long!!!!! 4.15 on my scale. Man if this fish was fat, she would have tipped 5lbs easy.
She was pretty beat up, not sure why, I quickly shot a couple of pictures, and held her lip to revive her, a quick flip and of
her tail, a splash right in my face, she swam away strong.
Wiping my face with a towel, and a big shiteating grin, I didn’t care if I caught another fish after that.
My hands were shaking so bad, I just had to stop and sit, and Smile!
Caught too many bass to count, hit the water at 11:00am and was off at 6:30pm.

No Back pain or Leg pain, 7 1/2 hours of pure fishing and paddling Heaven in my W500.

Tight Lines All

8 thoughts on “Kayak Fishing Action: Rox’ Battle With A 20.5″ Large Mouth Bass”

  1. Thanks for this vivid account of an epic battle! 😀
    It was a lot of fun to read! So much talent on this blog… 😀

  2. Good story!
    That fish is a real beast of the abyss!!

  3. Outstanding catch in that neck of the woods. That is one nice northern largemouth bass. Must have been blast on a drop shot rig. I really need to target some largemouths here but that darn saltwater keeps calling my name. The sad part is freshwater is right here at the end of the block on the St Johns and saltwater is 26 miles away. Nice job Rox, you had one heck of nice day.

  4. What a bass! And what a blow by blow account of the fight! Congratulations on your catch and release! Am finally in the last stages of my trolling motor conversion and hopefully only a day or so from trying my luck on some bass (although I only catch small ones).
    John Z

  5. Rox,
    Sorry, but another annoying question: Your fishfinder. I’m in the process of installing one in my 500 and have the option of installing the transducer inside the hull at the cost of losing the temp function. Your comments and suggestions are appreciated.
    John Z

  6. John,
    The reason I added the transducer to my rod holder, was so I would have correct temps, and not to lose storage space.

    My luck I would dislodge it or break it with gear. 🙂
    And the Biggest Bonus of all, makes it completely portable, I can use it on any one of my W’s.

    I also can beach my W even with it down, but I’ve made the arm so it’s able to swing up and rest on the saddle at landing.
    All safe and sound from damage.

    Pretty sure I have some pictures up on the Blog of this set up.
    Good luck.

    Make sure all your connections are tight, and check your connectors to the battery.
    If they get loose, you could melt a wire, this happened to me.
    Not to bad after 2 years of hooking and unhooking the battery. 🙂
    My minn-kota 60amp breaker protected my motor as it should.

    Tight lines

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