Jeff’s Catch of the Day: Snook

I was on the water for a few hours today fishing for snook. Got a nice one just under keeper size when they are in season. Came in at 26 inches, once the season reopens Sept 1 they have to be between 28 and 32 inches to be kept, one per day per angler. I’ve attached a shot of the fish it’s sub tropical species that cannot tolerate cold water.

26 inch snook, Florida

The northern edge of their range is about where Marineland, Florida is on the map. They are considered an inshore fish and fight like a demon. They have a set of razor sharp gill rakers that can cut heavy leader like kite string if it hits them. I normally use 20lb fluorocarbon leader that most of the time has to be retied after each fish.

At one time they were considered trash fish nick named “soap fish” because the meat tasted like soap. However once anglers learned to skin them they found delicious table fare to be had. The skin was the problem. These fish are one of the more sought after saltwater species because of the dramatic jumps and power the fish have once hooked.
Of course we were fishing in an area that has a reputed 14 foot gator. I’ve not seen this creature but some of the other folks have in fact the latest sighting was last week.
It’s times like that you have to really love fishing.

2 thoughts on “Jeff’s Catch of the Day: Snook”

  1. Wow, Beautiful Fish Jeff.

    I’ve only seen the snook fight on TV, and watching the fight and listening
    to guys guys fighting them giggling like girls is the Best.

    Congrats on a great trip and landing the Snook. 🙂

    And the possibility of seeing a 14′ Gator…………………..Cool Beans!!!

    Can’t wait to see more. 🙂

    Tight Lines All, and Safe Paddling All.

  2. A really great blog with excellent photo’s. Nice fish, wow ! I do Florida travel blogs. This is a really good one. All the best.

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