Gary’s Fishing Expedition in His New W500 Kayak

Gary Rankel, a kayak fishing aficionado from Florida, got his first W kayak back in 2006 (see his first kayak review). Since then he had spent countless hours in it, until recently, when he got himself a new W500 fishing kayak, that he rigged to perfection.
Gary’s favorite game is redfish, and here’s an account of his latest fishing expedition:

-“Not the hottest day yesterday, but was out for 6 hrs in 90 degree heat and much sun. Got a nice red while it was too dark to take a picture, and then this smaller one. Also one shot of my two fishing buddies after we got back. We’ve had some pretty slow days this summer, but things should pick up as water cools this fall. –Gary”

Redfish fighting near fishing kayak

Redfish hooked, and fighting near fishing kayak

Redfish hooked and fighting near fishing kayak

Redfish hooked and fighting near fishing kayak

Redfish caught in stand-up fishing kayak

Fishing kayaks beached, Florida

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5 thoughts on “Gary’s Fishing Expedition in His New W500 Kayak”

  1. I like the way the compass is attached between the hull tips at the bow.

  2. Yeah I know about those slow hot days down here. It’s great early in the AM and then the toaster starts up. Nice little red you got there and on a plug too, outstanding! Most people just don’t get the time we spend in the W kayaks, all day comfort like nothing else. Even with the heat on the east coast when we hit a heavy incoming tide we can clean up on snook. You are right about the cooling water when that happens it will be sore arms for sure from all the pulling and yanking.

  3. Sweet! Nice job on the Reds. 🙂
    Congrats on the New W500.
    I own both Models, but I really Love my W500.

    Tight Lines All.

  4. I really like the idea of the large blue fishing cooler bag. Would you mind sharing detail about it! It looks like the perfect solutions for my canoe!


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