Tim’s W Kayaking First Movie – Lake Erie, Pennsylvania

Tim Kerr, from upstate NY, wrote for us this great kayak review, and now he’s making his first steps in the movies 🙂
Here is what Tim writes about this movie:

-“I had a blast riding the waves in Lake Erie. Reminded me of those Winslow Homer paintings of fisherman. I think this is what the Wavewalk kayak was meant for–a fantastic way to enjoy a summer day along Presque Isle. Now all I need is a waterproof camera!”

4 thoughts on “Tim’s W Kayaking First Movie – Lake Erie, Pennsylvania”

  1. Cool! Next year you’ll be wave walking in Hawaii in 50 ft waves 🙂
    What kind of paddle is this? Looks like a hybrid canoe-kayak paddle.

  2. Nice video. Having fished up there I kept waiting for the cast. But I have been told that there are other things to do on the water than fish. Hard for me to fathom but here is proof this movie. Nice job and it looks like you are handling that W just fine. Sure is nice up there in the summer.

  3. SWEET!!! Nice job on the Big Lake’s choppy waters!!

    That is a paddle that Yoav sells, it comes with T handles that change it
    to the paddle you see Tim paddling with.
    I have two of those Paddles and Love them. 🙂

    Wish you would have video taped the launch and landing, that had to be a Blast!! 🙂

    Tight Lines All

  4. I’m not sure it’s one (half) of the Mohawk double-blade canoe paddle that Wavewalk used to sell, but basically any canoe paddle should work for paddling a W kayak canoeing-style.
    And by the way, the W kayak is great for canoeing 😀
    Seriously – compared to a canoe it’s narrower and stabler, and it tracks better. And best of all: It’s more comfortable and versatile.


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