Review of My W500 Fishing Kayak, by Stephen Cano, Texas

I can paddle my W500 standing up, fish, dine, sleep on it naturally.
I like the fact that I can change sitting/standing positions easily if I get tired.

I’ve taken it out quite a few times already over to Canyon Lake in the Texas Hill country.
Over at Canyon Lake, with the water levels lowering, most of the boat ramps are closed, so it’s convenient to have a lightweight setup that I can carry out to the water without a trailer.

In the winter, I plan to use it on the Guadalupe River for some trout fishing. I can’t wait ’till then.

Ultimately, my goal was to have a comfortable fishing rig that didn’t have the consequences of a normal fishing boat (a place to store the boat/trailer, engine/electrical maintenance, fuel)  I just have a 2002 Infiniti G20 that only has a 4 cylinder engine, so trailers are out of the question.  With this setup, I just mount the rig on my car and head off to the lake on the fly: after work, on the weekend, whenever.  Also, in combination with a few rods readily rigged up, there’s no need to stop anywhere to delay the fun.

The first time, I flipped, but it was because I haven’t been on a kayak in a while, but the second time I was able to stand in it, carefully.

The only thing that I had trouble with is kayaking with someone else on the kayak (trying to position the heavier one in the right spot for maximum stability & trying to determine who and how they will lean into the turns so we wouldn’t flip).

-Stepehn Cano, Texas

June 2010: More from Steve –

Attached are some photos on and off the water.  Sorry about the delay getting you these I’ve just been having too much relentless fun on the water to be taking much pictures.  These are taken by my phone so they might not be as good quality as they could have been with a digital camera, but I plan on rigging it up a little better for striped bass fishing and for video on some good fishing fights by next summer

View of Steve's fishing kayak, TX
Steve's fishing kayak, TX

Steve's fishing kayak banked near river, TX
Steve's fishing kayak banked near river, TX
Fish caught in Steve's fishing kayak
Fish caught in Steve's fishing kayak
Steve's fishing kayak - cockpit
Steve's fishing kayak - cockpit and gear

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9 thoughts on “Review of My W500 Fishing Kayak, by Stephen Cano, Texas”

  1. I usually don’t publish reviews that aren’t accompanied by some pictures. I asked Stephen to send some – I hope he will.

  2. Nice job with the new yak. 🙂
    As far as taking people out, I’d wait till I was more accustomed to the yak.
    And the person you take out should also know how to ride in it.
    Then flipping won’t be an issue.
    Remember, this is not a regular SOT or SIT, the balance is in your feet and legs, then your hips will follow.
    If you grab the sides when you feel unstable, you will just compound the
    instability, and will tip it over.

    Good Luck, Paddle safe, and good fishing all.


  3. If there is a “trick” to using a W it’s the ability to melt into the boat that really helps. In a sit on top or sit inside the kayaker never really relaxes. It’s a braced position no matter how loose the angler becomes. In the W the body especially in the riding position, which is also the most powerful, needs to learn to relax. Once the body core is allowed to melt down into the seat stability increases by a huge amount. At that point the person rides with the boat and there is no issue with stability or tipping. If you add another person who can’t relax themselves in this fashion the ride would become “interesting”. Funny thing is little kids have this relaxation ability far better than adults. They simple don’t tense up and go with the flow.

  4. Thats It Jeff……….the Word I’ve been searching for. MELT
    “If there is a “trick” to using a W it’s the ability to melt into the boat”


    Tight Lines All

  5. Jeff had another expression that I liked. He said: -“The W is a boat you wear”.

  6. Steve, thanks for the pictures.
    Better late than never 😉
    My favorite picture is the fish next to the bottle, which reminds me of a surrealistic painting 🙂


  7. I was in some thick timber in shallow water when I caught that fish. Just as I was reelin’ in the plastic minnow, it got caught on a small limb on the surface. I guess that bass saw it as an opportunity to strike, and WHAM!! he slammed that softie right on the surface. He was not 10ft away from the kayak when he bit. I couldn’t believe my eyes until the line started tugging.

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