Lumbar Spine and Kayak Back Pain: Facts (New Article)

This new article examines the roots of lumbar back pain that so many people suffer from when paddling their sit-in and SOT kayaks and fishing from them. It’s called Lumbar Spine and Kayak Back Pain: Facts. It’s a must read because you won’t find this kind of discussion anywhere else, and if you like kayak fishing or just kayaking you obviously have concerns about your back.

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  1. As we have discussed many times this is a dirty little secret of the kayak fishing world. It’s the reason people give up the sport. Of course that’s only after they have spent lots of money on expensive seats and pads in the hope to find comfort. I’ve seen it and the fact is the solution will not come that way. It’s the real reason you see kayak anglers wandering a shore line trying to get up the courage to face their boats again. I have personally done over 8 hours in the W at a time with no problems. Frankly it’s because I lost track of time. I was having fun and since my body did not hurt I kept right on fishing. For an angler the deal is more time fishing not hurting or finding a way to get comfortable. The W gives you more time to fish period over any other fishing kayak made.

  2. Great read Yoav,

    I’ve since conquered that problem since the Wave Walk
    yaks came into my life, and Like Jeff Stated, I’ve spent over 8 hours in my
    W500 and W300, with nothing more then being tired from a Long day of Fishing and Paddling.

    When I had my SIT and SOT, I couldn’t last 2 hours without screaming
    Pain shooting through my back and Legs.

    I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again, The W300 and W500 put me back out on the Waters Pain Free! 🙂

    Tight Lines and Paddle Safe all.

  3. Thanks Rox,
    I hope that people don’t get a headache after reading the first two paragraphs in this long, long article…
    😀 😀

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