Ben’s Carp Fishing Kayaks, Pennsylvania

Ben Ciliberto, a kayak carp fisherman from Pennsylvania, rigged his 3 W300 kayaks especially for stand up carp fishing. This is a picture of two of them:

two fishing kayaks rigged for carp fishing. Pennsylvania

Ben writes:

“Back’s improving albeit slowly.

The two kayaks, sided by side in the garage have gotten many comments and inquiries, but unfortunately not much use! The new one has still not touched water (but is rigged),– I have had mine out twice so far—high water, work, vacations have really crimped my schedule! I’m ready to roll when time permits!

Sure has been great that even with a ruptured L4 disc, and bulging L3—I can paddle and use the W without pain or aggravation!!


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3 thoughts on “Ben’s Carp Fishing Kayaks, Pennsylvania”

  1. I love that set up.
    Hope you can get out more, don’t push it.
    Plenty of time to fish, better to heal that back up good.

    Tight lines

  2. Sweet looking standup rigs you have there. For tailing reds or just spotting fish in the shallows those would be killer on some of our clear saltwater flats.

  3. Great post. I think this type of boat would be really useful on waters where bankside access is limited. Great Idea.

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