Roger Sacla’s 1st Time Review of his W500 Kayak, Michigan

Roger Sacla, from Michigan, sent us his ‘first time review’ of his new W500 kayak, and some beautiful pictures: -“I finally able to test drive my new W kayak. This is my first time to buy and even try using kayak and it was awesome…”

Roger and his brother standing by their new kayak, Lake Huron, Michigan

-“It took me half an hour to get used to it and get my balance and after that, I was standing and even racing with my brother who has a regular kayak. My daugther who is 11 years old used it and able to maneuver easily like a pro.”

Roger's daughter standing by the new kayak kayak, Lake Huron, Michigan

-“The whole family had a great time using the WW kayak and intend of using it for many many years.

The photos were taken at lake Huron, Oscoda, Michigan.  Roger”

Roger standing by his new kayak kayak, Lake Huron, Michigan

In this movie Roger and his brother are paddling the W500 in tandem:

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5 thoughts on “Roger Sacla’s 1st Time Review of his W500 Kayak, Michigan”

  1. Congratulations!
    Looks like you have some nice beaches up in Michigan 🙂

  2. Wow, those beaches look just like a bunch of places here in Florida. But I guess come January you might have to dress a bit warmer. I’m glad to see the kids having fun with the W too. By the way how badly did you beat your brother. W kayaks are pretty quick.

  3. Looks like a perfect place to spent a vacation, and a perfect boat too!
    Too bad you didn’t shoot a video of the race between you and your brother 😀

    Mike M.

  4. Congratulations on your W500 purchase, and a great test drive.
    It’s great you never tried a kayak before, and W500 was your first
    and Best Choice. 🙂
    Glad to see the whole family is enjoying the comfort and the ease
    of handling the W500.

    Good luck and Tight Lines

  5. Roger,
    I am looking to invest in a kayak as well. This is tough choice when you don’t have the opportunity to demo one. I would most likely use it for fishing on slow moving rivers. Did you take it to the AuSable when you were in Oscoda? If so, how did it perform?

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