754 Daily Visitors to Wavewalk Kayaks’ Website – New Record

Yesterday, July 6th, 754 people visited our website. Most of them arrived from search engines – mainly Google.


5 thoughts on “754 Daily Visitors to Wavewalk Kayaks’ Website – New Record”

  1. Your popularity soars. Now what we need is for the W to star in a major motion picture. An action adventure type of film involving sharks, gators, or crocs. Anyway we all know it’s popularity is growing as a fishing craft and will continue to do so.

  2. Hey Jeff, aren’t you an animal specialist?
    If you shot some gator themed video from your W, maybe I could try and get a producer interested… 😀

  3. You have a point Yoav. Although my years of dealing with rats, mice, roaches and ants are not nearly as interesting as the big stuff. But there was this one time in a 10 foot jon boat under a pier in Fort Lauderdale years ago. The new W500 would have been a blessing there. We had thousands and thousands of the big American roaches all over the underside of the structure. We were suited up in hazardous material jump suits with full head pieces. That darn little jon bait was tippy as it could be and I’m surprized we did not take a swm in the process. By the time we came back out the boat was filled with thrashing bugs from our fog units. We were geared up like the Ghost Busters from the movie of the same name. Gosh that would have made a cool video. The W500 would have been the ideal work boat under there.

  4. Now that would have been a fun video!
    Speaking of advertising..

    I went out to Galveston bay this past weekend and got beat up pretty bad on the bay side due to lack of experience with the wind & 8″-12″ chop. No real waves, but the 15-20 mph winds were hard to combat. I got pushed towards shore (& rocks in the shallows) constantly; got smart & anchored.

    Anyways, there were a couple of other OceanKayakers out there who stopped by and said “Man that’s a cool boat, never seen anything like it” and another said “My wife’s been wanting to come fishing with me and we have a tandem but she doesn’t like it, wants one of her own”…he asked me & I told him it was called a WaveWalk and gave him the website..

    Still want to go flounder giggin’ at night with a buddy, when flat calm, will send pics/video.

    So Yoav, every day, your clients out there on the water are selling the WW, isn’t that the best kind of selling, from satisfied customers? Good stuff, keep up the good work, lovin’ the kayak so far!

    Best regards,


  5. Thanks Noel,

    Practice, and more practice – slowly and carefully… and eventually you’ll get used to chop and waves, and have fun with them.

    My clients are the best people in the world! 😀


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