Roxanne Exploring and Fishing Flooded Back Waters in Her W500 Fishing Kayak

-“Took the W500 out on the Farmington River in Connecticut today, and hit some flooded back waters.
Waters are very high and fast with all this rain, so my target was to get into some back waters that were not easy to get to when water levels are low.”

-“I had to cross some pretty fast water to get to the opening of a cove, W500 tracked great, and paddling cross the current was a breeze.”

Bass caught in a fishing kayak, Framington river, CT

-“As I got to the back of the small cove, I could see where I needed to enter.
Paddling under trees, and over some logs, then over a fallen tree to get into and out of this hidden gem.
I had the whole place to myself, and landed a few nice fish, nothing to really brag about, just new water exploring at it’s best.”

Pickerel caught in fishing kayak on the Farmington river, CT

-“I was in water less then 6″ at times, paddling through with no problems at all.
The W500 handled like a champ, I included a video of me leaving the back water cove and going over the logs and tree to head back to my launch point.”

W500 fishing kayak on river bank

-“Thanks again for this wonderful fishing machine,


Fishing kayak going over tree on the river

5 thoughts on “Roxanne Exploring and Fishing Flooded Back Waters in Her W500 Fishing Kayak”

  1. I enjoyed the movie… The part in the end where Roxanne is climbing over that log is awesome!
    Thank you! 🙂

  2. Nice job Rox! Your waters look like the backwaters of the St Johns here in Florida minus the gators. Those fish were nicely posed against the W saddle too. Check out using the Redfish Magic, I did an article on them for Yoav last year I think. In your area for smallmouth and anything in the pike family you’ll have sore arms they work so well. They can be purchased on line through the saltwater sections of Cabelas or Bass Pro Shops. Get spare tails too. The best up north colors have been the green pumpkin with red glitter, all white, gold glitter chartruse, and the all chartruse. I’m so glad to see a successful lady angler out there catching fish the way you do. Female anglers have so many advantages over the men since they tend to work an area in far more detail catching the fish we leave behind. I see it constantly down here where the ladies will outfish husbands and boyfriends on a regualr basis. By the way nice pole, those Triumphs are great sticks. My brother caught a 48 inch muskie on a 7′ medium light Triumph two years ago in Canada on 10lb line, with a Redfish Magic of course.

  3. And now we have a kayak that climbs trees 😀
    Very interesting touring movie… I’d like to see ordinary touring kayaks venture in such waters – not a chance!

  4. Great video rox. Nothing tops getting into your own secret spot with the wavewalk!

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