Noel’s Motorized W500 Fishing Kayak – More Movies

“We just got back from Huntsville State Park, about 45 minutes north of Houston.  It is home to Lake Raven, a beautiful, serene and clean lake.  We camped overnight there (warm night) and went kayaking this morning.  Here are a couple of clips.  We tried fishing, but it’s so much fun paddling & trolling that it’s mostly what we did.  I even stood up while trolling and got a few stares.. At least 7 people asked me “What is it?” and I told them…”

-“This 4th of July weekend, we will be going down to the coast to try it in the bays.  I can’t wait to see how it does in the surf & small waves/wakes from boats and oh, maybe do some fishing.. 🙂 Will keep you posted. Noel”

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7 thoughts on “Noel’s Motorized W500 Fishing Kayak – More Movies”

  1. Noel, no wonder you didn’t spend too much time fishing 😀 With this boat who’d care about fish?? 😀 This thing is a mini skiff already…

  2. Nice video sir. I guess you’ll be joining the zoomzoom kayakers with that rig. The W handles a motor quite well from what I’ve seen. I’ve never tried it here since the oyster beds where we fish love to eat motors on a regular basis. Good luck on the coast over the holiday. You folks have some killer sea trout fishing down there, it’s been over five years since I’ve fished in your area. You have a wonderful local bait in Texas called a Corkey which I use here. In our waters it sometimes is just the ticket for big trout. In Texas it still holds your state record I think.

  3. Nice job with the videos. 🙂
    Though I do love to paddle my W, I really enjoy using the one with
    my trolling motor hook up, best of Both Worlds! 🙂

    Have a Great 4th of July, and Be safe everyone, lots of Big boats
    with people Drinking, so Beware.

    I treat my yak as I did my motorcycle, I Always Go with the idea
    that the Big Boats Don’t see me.

    Happy 4th of July All!!

  4. Rox,
    Big motor boats make big wakes, and that can be a lot of fun if you’re in a W kayak and looking for some excitement 😀
    My kids and I always encourage motor boat drivers to ‘step on it’ and increase their speed when they approach us, so that we can play with the wake… 😀
    Some of these drivers appreciate the fun, and come back for more, especially if we stand up in our W kayaks…

  5. Happy 4th to you all, thanks for all the feedback and comments! I truly enjoy this kayak with my boy and looking forward to trying it out in the bay, and definitely will try and find some corkey’s to throw at ’em speckled trout and redfish.. Jeff, thanks for your educational fishing articles, can’t wait to try those lures and techniques.

    Hope I can handle the wake of boats & waves in general..
    ps: I just bought some fishing lights from Fishing Lights Etc ( to try out on some shallow water flounder gigging at night, now that is guaranteed excitement!


  6. Take it easy with those waves and wakes… Even a two ft wave can be a powerful thing to deal with if you’re not experienced –

  7. Cool, thanks for the heads up on the waves, I’ll be careful.

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