More From Roxanne About Her W500 Fishing Kayak

-“I have gone out a few times in my new W500. This weather has really taken a toll on me. If all goes well, next summer I may go down for a guided river trip in the W500. That should open some eyes to the W500.
As far as speed goes, though I couldn’t keep up the pace for too long, I bet I could paddle as fast as my 30# trolling motor moves my other yak. I really like paddling the W500, and I am still so amazed at the changes in it, at how much it has increased the stability of this craft.”

Large mouth bass in W500 fishing kayak
-“I hope to get together with a few fishermen soon, again, once they try it, they are gonna be wishing they had one.
I have everything ready to go for the motor, just not ready to add it yet.”

Big fish caught in Rox' W500 fishing yak

-“I am going to hit the salt with some fellow Connecticut kayak fishermen, just waiting on the weather for that. And if I enjoy the salt with the W500 as much as I do in the fresh waters, I might not add the motor at all.

At our local kayak fishing club we hold a Childerns fishing derby, I will be bringing my W300 and W500 to that.
I’ll send a full report on the event.


  1. Fish Wiz

    Nice catch, Rox. I’ll bet you’d like fishing in the salt, and you’ll always stay drier in your w yak than your fishing buddies in their siks and sots 😀

  2. Marco

    I have a feeling those kids at the fishing derby would be standing in line to try your W kayaks!…

  3. John F.

    Nice bucketmouth!

  4. Noel

    Nice fish Roxanne, can’t wait to slime my W500 too!

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