John Fabina’s Michigan Upper Peninsula Kayak Fishing Trip Report

John’s report from his inspiring kayak fishing trip in Michigan Upper Peninsula:

-“I spent time on two rivers in two days. Fishing started slow the first day but picked up the second day. The W made it possible for me to take a small entrance off the main river and find a beaver lodge. There was a nice deep hole by the lodge. I caught quite a variety in this honey hole. Smallmouth bass, perch, northern pike, and my first walleye landed on the W which was 18″. I lost one the same size the day before alongside the boat, I forgot my landing net. I was also able to sneak up on a deer, and snap a photo. My W truly made this an enjoyable and successful trip.”

John's camo fishing kayak at rest on the river bank John’s camo W300 at rest on the river bank

-“When I returned from my fishing trip Jeanne’s new W300 had arrived. Thanks for the extras. She is very much looking forward to getting on the water.More photos to come of Jeanne’s new W,

Perch cuaght in John's fishing kayak
Nice perch

Ruler for measuring fish - John's fishing kayak
John’s ‘built-in’ fish-measuring ruler

Ruler for measuring walleye - John's fishing kayak
Same applied for measuring walleye

Smallmouth bass - John's fishing kayak
Good size smallmouth being welcome on board

Water bottle holder - John's rigged fishing kayak
John’s integrated water bottle holder (this is not a covert ad!)…

Beaver lodge on the river
Beaver lodge

Entrance to beaver lodge on the river shot from John's rigged fishing kayak
Entrance to beaver lodge

Deer photographed from John's fishing kayak
Unsuspecting deer photographed by John

8 thoughts on “John Fabina’s Michigan Upper Peninsula Kayak Fishing Trip Report”

  1. Thank you. What a wonderful reminder of how beautiful this country is.

  2. Outstanding pictures. 🙂
    Nice job landing those beauties.

    I really like your tape measure……..Now why didn’t I think about that?

    See that, every W Owner’s ideas, can be an answer to another
    W’s owners questions.

    Tight Lines

  3. Wow, this is what my dreams are made of, perfect trip & pictures John!

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