Noel’s Review of his New W500 – Texas

Noel Mascarenhas is a kayak fisherman from Texas, who just got his new W500 fishing kayak. Here is his ‘first impression’ review of it:

-“We christened the W500 today, it was awesome.  At first it took some getting used to on balance as my son 12 and myself went, but once we got the hang of it, it was like learning to ride a bike, then it was easy.  My buddy who is 250 lbs tried it with his daughter (around 60-70 lbs) and he liked it too.  I’ve been sending pics of my kayak to a lot of people and everyone is impressed with it.

I have only paddled a canoe once in the past and I was surprised at how easy it is to paddle the wavewalk.

Here are some pics, we just returned from the lake..

Thanks for a great product.


UPDATE (June 27): Noel’s Motorized W500 Fishing Kayak

Noel's son paddling their new fishing kayak

Milk crate for fishing kayak rigged with three rod holders

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5 thoughts on “Noel’s Review of his New W500 – Texas”

  1. That rig looks ready for fish over the gunnel. You’ll have a blast fishing from the W. Once you get the hang of casting from it nobody in any other kayak will come close to your distance. By the way that looks like a very happy young man in the driver’s seat.

  2. Thanks guys, it is a wonderful kayak. We just spent the day rigging it with an anchor trolley (similar to your set up Jeff, thanks for the video, I added an anchor stop/runner). Also put on a Bass Pro Prowler 30 lb thrust trolling motor (man, the battery is heavy). Field test tomorrow.. I will send Yoav some pictures to post.

    I just think the rod holder crate is cool looking, and there’s lots of room to throw stuff in; I like it so far.

    I’ve looked everywhere, cannot find something convenient off the shelf hook-like to mount & hold the paddle off the side. Didn’t care for the rubber paddle holders. Will have to make something up from scratch.. I’ve seen some ideas on the website..

  3. take your time with the paddle holders. it’s better to go fishing a few times before you decide on a solution that would work for you. I like foam paddle holders because they’re stealthy

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