Norm’s New Ideas for Rigging his W500 Fishing Kayak

Norm Craig from Rhode Island owns a W500 fishing kayak (see his kayak review), and he sent us some new ideas for rigging:
-“Went fishing and wildlife watching this morning. Took a pic of my big W to show ya a few Ideas:

Rod or paddle holder made out of closet shelving: Cut the shelving 3 rods wide, bend to your liking, and bend it to clip under the lip of cockpit. EASY……No riveting ,movable, and easy on and off.

Norm's rigged fishing kayak

Old canoe seat I had modified: Nylon strap cut to length. Stitch in  2 round 1″key holders, hook to clips on Yak. Slide seat back and forth for back adjustment .  To beach Yak unhook rings, slide seat back and off ya go. EASY

Find a car console that you like (about $5.00), get some gorilla glue and a foam floor mat. Cut the mat to the bottom of the console, glue as many pieces as it takes to be even with the bottom of the console. Make two 7″ strips out of the foam mat, 1 1/4″high, 1″ thick. Glue to bottom of console spacing, so they will fit into slits on kayak seat.
Nice and snug , easy on and off – use it if you like.

Close up on rigged fishing kayak cockpit

I was at a nice kayak shop today watching people cramming themselves into $2,000 kayaks. Oh my back felt bad just watching. I didn’t say anything but I wanted to.


5 thoughts on “Norm’s New Ideas for Rigging his W500 Fishing Kayak”

  1. This yak looks so cozy that I wonder if it’s possible to stay awake in it 🙂

  2. Awesome Job Norm. :applause:
    Great idea on the rod holders, very clever.

    I love the car console. 🙂


  3. The fun begins. All those personal touches will add to your enjoyment of such a great fishing boat. Gosh if you added a bed roll we might be talking mini house boat here as much room as there is. Just imagine in the months to come fish after fish coming over the side while your sit there in royal comfort. Then it’s home, a bit of fillet knife work and it’s fish fry for the neighborhood. Looks like you’ve done a nice job making that W yours.

  4. Jeff you must be reading my mind. A small shelter is very possible for a sleep over. I feel like a kid again or I’m going through my second childhood, but what the heck, nothing wrong with that.

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