First Instant Review From W500 Kayak Fisherman

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Norm Craig, a fisherman from Rhode Island, could no longer go in canoes because of his back problems. He got his W500 this morning, and became the first client to report his initial experience with it:

“Picked up the new 500 today, spent about 1hr and was standing up and doing some easy paddling after about 45 minutes of getting used to it. Little shaky for about 10 min. Really a different animal but fun and easy. I’m 60 yrs old and just had major lower back surgery and still recovering so I got to go easy.

Had a canoe but after back surgery this looks like the way to go. Never been in a kayak so I don’t have anything to compare it to. So far I love it and will be doing some fishing soon.

Here’s a pic of me about 45 min into my first go around… More coming!

Thanks for talking me into the good paddle – I love it!  Norm”

Norm standing up in his W500 fishing kayak

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6 thoughts on “First Instant Review From W500 Kayak Fisherman”

  1. Hey Norm, you look great in that boat. I can’t wait to see the shots of you holding fish like that, standing up to get them all in the shot because they are so big. You are going to love fishing from a W. Prepare to be outfishing all of your friends in the months to come. The W just has a way of getting right to the fish.

  2. Sometimes I go canoeing in my old W, and I must say it’s a great solo canoe. The new model looks equally fit for canoeing, in case you feel like it.

  3. Norm, you made the Best Choice, buying the W500.

    If you went with your standard SOT or SIT yak, you’d be selling
    it after your first few outings, thats if you could get back out of it with your back problems.
    Just think, you could have had the experience of the L positon with
    screaming Back pain and pain shooting down your legs, with in minutes
    of launching!
    You saved yourself alot Of Hurt, body wise and pocket wise. 😉

    Good Luck and post more on your trips. 🙂


  4. Had about 4 hours on the water today. Confidence is building, standing paddling and fishing . What a pleasure to fish from, back a little sore but nothing like I expected. Had a great day. Got lots of ideas.
    Thanks for building a boat that was made for me ………..Norm

  5. Hey thats my Uncle Norm!!! Cant wait to see my mom in that kayakk!!!

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