Stake-Out Pole for Fishing Kayaks

Wavewalk now offers a new stake-out pole system for fishing kayaks:

Wavewalk offers a new stake-out pole system for fishing kayaks:

Material: Anodized aluminum.

Dimensions: 60″ long, 3/4″ diameter.


  1. Sealed, pointed end.
  2. Comfortable, large size, Y-shaped handle.
  3. Sliding aluminum collar with fixed stop, line clip and foam float (bright orange).
  4. 8′ long, 1/4″ thick, braided, buoyant polypropylene line (yellow).

Price: $67.


  1. Jeff McGovern

    Very very nice. This new W system is one of the best looking stakeout poles I’ve seen. It should be a great item for fishermen as well as photographers and just paddlers looking for a better way to hold their W in place.

  2. Fish Wiz

    That’s a nice looking stakeout pole, and not very expensive. I just wonder why you call it a “system” 😀

  3. admin

    You can say it’s a system because it has a number of components, including a moving part. Also, some vendors sell the rope separately from the pole, while we offer a complete solution (I hope the you’re OK with the word ‘solution’)… 🙂

  4. Pete

    Could such a long and pointy metal object be useful for self defense?
    Would an alligator feel anything if poked with it?

  5. admin

    Next time I see an alligator I’ll ask him.

  6. Jeff McGovern

    Regarding that gator question. Nope not at all. In fact being close enough to poke the gator is not a very good place to be. The darn things are pretty well armor plated anyway. In any case bothering a gator is breaking the law here in Florida. The best self defense in a gator situation is to leave the area right away or just not mess with them in the first place.

  7. Alan3085

    Can you carry this stakeout pole inside the wavewalk kayak, or does it require a special attachment?
    thank you,

  8. admin

    There is plenty of storage room for it inside the boat, and for all your other gear.


  9. Jeff McGovern

    For stake out pole carry the side opposite the paddle works very well. If you simple slide it point first throught the rear handle it will lay nicely along the side of the boat. It will stick out the back just like the pole on a flats boat. On my W I’ve added a cord loop just in front of the cowling curve to drop one of the handles through. It allows quick deployment using one hand and you can can put it back with one as well.

  10. Stephen Y.

    What about having one of the “Y” handle curve back down, so as to be able to use it as a hook to retrieve floating objects (not that I ever drop anything overboard…)? Bye the way, am I correct to presume it floats, or at least it imitates an up periscope, if dropped in the water?

    Very nice and ingeniously though out,


  11. admin


    Thanks for the hook idea 🙂 It’s already possible to use it for that purpose, but a hook would be more useful.
    The upper end of the stake out pole floats due to the plastic foam float.
    Also, the line itself floats.


  12. Rob

    Reminds me of a push pole. Can it be used as one or is it too small? And, why not a push pole instead?


  13. admin


    Push poles need to be longer and sturdier to work well.
    Most our clients use their 9n ft long Wavewalk PSP paddles for poling in shallow water, and for pushing during a difficult launching or beaching.

    As for using a push pole instead of a stake out pole, I believe that could work only if the bottom of the pond, river or lake you fish in is very soft. This is because a push pole’s tip usually isn’t tapered like a stake out pole’s tip.


  14. Rick

    What prevents it from pulling out of where you stake it?

  15. admin


    Nothing much, really 🙂
    Being able to stick it in the muddy, or sandy bottom already means it’s not meant to stay there forever, and you’re likely to find that you may need to stick it again after some time.
    Still, it’s much better than drifting with the wind and/or the current to where you don’t necessarily want to go…


  16. Gary J

    Stake out poles are used in Kayaks all of the time. Many kayaks are designed with a hole through the hull for the stakeout pole to be inserted. This keeps the pole inside the boat and allows a kayaker to use it easily. Of course in a regular kayak, your ability to use it any other way is limited. This could be accomplished by engineering a hole that goes down through the center seat in the WaveWalk 500. If the pole were longer it could also be used as a hold for balancing when fighting a fish or for helping one to get to the standing position. I would also engineer clips where the pole could be clipped to the side of one of the pontoons, thus eliminating it taking up space inside one of the hulls.

  17. admin


    You can easily get up and stand up in the W500m, without help from any accessory, just like you’d get up from your chair at the breakfast table.
    See examples this demo video:

    Same is true from sitting down – There’s no need for accessories.
    As a rule, you may say that if you need an accessory (E.G. rope, strap, metal frame etc.) to either help you get up or help you keep standing up, it’s a proof that the kayak you’re using is not fit for stand up fishing, or stand up paddling.
    As for extra balance in extreme cases, this can be attained by moving forward on the saddle, and operating the kayak from the cockpit’s front end, in the Riding position, with the bow significantly lower than the stern.
    See here this article about the W ‘combat position’:

  18. Gary J

    I understand what you are saying and have no doubt what you say is true. The stakeout pole through the hull is still a good idea. Rather than swinging around on the anchor line with the wind and current, you are pinned to the bottom and in all likelihood will just pivot around the pole until the current/wind come to equilibrium and at that point you stay secure in one place. Its one of the same reasons they have come up with the PowerPole that is attached to the transom of fancy power boats for anchoring in shallow water. If I had an 8-10 foot long pole I could anchor in 90% of all the water in the Bays around Corpus Christi. About the only place I would have to drop anchor would be if I were in one of the dredged channels.

    BTW, being disabled and getting older and older, having a helping handhold standing up is a nice thing to have. Its much like having and using a cane – which I have to do at times.

  19. admin


    We’re all getting older, one day at a time 🙂

    I guarantee you that you don’t need a special accessory to get up from the sitting or riding positions on the W saddle, and if you feel a need to lean on something, you can either lean on the saddle itself, or hold the cockpit rim with your hand, or even both your hands – on both sides of the cockpit.
    And besides, the W paddle is sturdy enough for you to lean on, and use it as a ‘crouch’ for when you exit the cockpit back to dry land.
    Keep reading W customer reviews, and you’ll find a bunch of senior people with disabilities, serious, back problems, etc.
    I won’t even propose a reading list to you, simply because there are so many interesting and relevant reviews worth reading.


  20. Gary J

    Had a wonderful conversation with Bevans Welder who lives near (200 miles away) me in Corpus Christi about the W500. He was easy to locate – there are not many people named Bevans Welder in Texas!! Great guy who owns both a SOT and a W500. Kids use SOT, he uses W500. Enough said!!!!! He and I were talking about rigging the W500 and I was concerned that the flush mount rod holders taking up too much space from cargo. He assured me they did not. We also talked about the stakeout pole and he agrees with me that putting the pole in through the bench seat would make “anchoring” much easier, and would eliminate swinging on the anchor line. There is a fitting available from that would reinforce whatever sized hole you would drill in the seat. It comes in quarter inch increments from 3/4 to about 4 inches. Its called a polypropylene tank fitting. It screws together from both top and bottom. Drill the hole, install the $6.00 fitting and push the pole through the hole to anchor. Easy.

  21. admin

    Thanks Gary,
    Bevans is a great guy, and a wave walker in more than one sense 🙂
    Please say hi to him on my part if you happen to talk to him again, and ask him to send us some new pictures, since the one we have on his kayak review are only from his W300:

  22. Gary J

    And I know what you mean when you say that Bevans is a Wave Walker in more than one sense of the word. He is one very very friendly guy who didn’t have to call me back. We talked for almost an hour – ON HIS DIME. Once I get my Wavewalk kayak (soon), I will make the mods I have talked about and send you a picture. Bevans has a green one, I would think that a yellow one would be easier for other boaters to see. What is your opinion??

  23. admin


    People who paddle and fish in large bodies of water, such as big rivers, big lakes, and in the ocean, where fast motorboats’ drivers might not notice them on time, tend to order yellow kayaks, because it’s the most visible color when you’re on the water.

    People who fish and paddle in smaller bodies of water, where motorboats are not allowed, or go more slowly, tend to order green kayaks, since it’s the a traditional color for canoes and small boats whose owners like to blend in with the vegetation around.

    BTW, darker colors tend to absorb more heat from the sun than lighter ones do.


  24. Gary J

    Thanks for the info – the Corpus Christi Bay and Laguna Madre area is know for its high boat traffic with 18-20 foot boats running on plane with 150-200 HP in 10-12 inches of water, and on weekends the potential for consumption of adult beverages. Mounting a Bright Flag up 4-5 feet in the air is probably a good idea. For my money I would prefer flourescent orange, but yellow will have to do. Being seen is half the battle. I have been posting my search for a comfortable kayak on the Kayak Forum at Overcoming the BIAS against anything but a normal Kayak is amazing. Also amazing is the degree to which people will tell you that this double hulled kayak cannot possibly be seaworthy. They insist it won’t turn, won’t track, won’t (you fill in the blank). However, in the last day or so a couple of posters are showing interest. They haven’t banned me from posting – YET.

  25. admin

    Thanks Gary,
    The simple explanation for people’s attitudes on that online forum and similar ones, is one that has often worked through history: “Follow The Money”.
    Many of those pseudo benevolent and pseudo knowledgeable, opinionated forum participants are kayak sales reps, local kayak dealers, kayak store sales personnel, kayak vendor employees, and other people who are commercially affiliated with other kayak brands, a.k.a. “Team Members”, who get all sorts of benefits from fishing and yakking for the brand they work with.
    All These people initiate discussions and participate in others under various aliases (called ‘User ID’, or ‘member’), and their purpose is to promote their own products, and badmouth other products, without disclosing their commercial interest in the seemingly ‘friendly’ discussion.
    No kayak fishing forum is free of this plague, and in fact, some of those website owners themselves are affiliated with particular kayak brands, or local kayak businesses.

    Founder, President, Shareholder
    Wavewalk, Inc., Manufacturer of Wavewalk W Kayaks and Wavewalk Paddles 🙂

  26. Pete

    All social media are plagued with such things, and online kayak fishing forums are not different.
    You should think of any post you read as a covert (or sometime overt) ad, unless proven otherwise.

  27. Marco

    Who would have thought?!
    Folks yak for a buck 😀

  28. atco

    on the other hand most of those forums wouldn’t be able to sustain themselves economically without such practices

  29. Gary J

    Well, as of this time I am not a paid employee of WaveWalk and since you couldn’t give me a SIT or SOT Kayak (ok you could give it to me so I could sell it) I surely am not a paid other Kayak salesguy. I just want a light simple kayak or pontoon OR ????? that I can easily launch from the shore on the bays and inlets around Corpus Christi to take advantage some of the best fishing in the world. I want the W500 to use when I go by myself. If I am going to take the wife, or a friend I’ll gladly take either my Zodiac, or my FoldCat 375 Pontoon (inflatable), or rent a 16-18 foot boat from the Navy at NAS Corpus Christi. Going by myself obviates the need for the larger and harder to launch boat, and I HOPE the W500 fits the bill for solitary fishing (until the wife insists I buy her one too). BTW, Momma benefits from the sale of the hay trailer with a new embroidery machine. Yah I know, trade offs are a …….!!!!! Hey YOAV, how much commission do I get when I start to sell these things for you down in Corpus??? I know a bunch of old guys (Winter Texans) who will jump on these – or I bet they will.

  30. admin

    Whenever you feel like becoming a local dealer for Wavewalk, just give me a call, or shoot me an email, and I’ll be happy to discuss the terms with you.
    And BTW, people aged 8 to 80 love the W kayak – It’s just that they love it for different reasons 😀

  31. David Fillo

    I am an avid floater camper and some time angler (mostly canoe). Carrying lots of gear is important since we like to eat well on our trips. These look great for storage I was wondering if there were any pictures of cooler mounted to the 500.
    I love your website.
    Soon to buy in Missouri.

  32. W kayak

    Thanks David,

    Here’s a review with pictures of a rigid cooler mounted on top of the saddle, in the back of the cockpit: Kayak Fishing Trip Report – Ed and Jeff Kayak in Crystal River, Florida

    Rigid cooler mounted on top of fishing kayak

    And this is yet another idea for a cooler, but this time a soft one:
    Soft cooler for fishing kayak
    You can read about it here:
    My preference goes to the soft cooler, a.k.a. cooling bag, simply because you can store it anywhere you want in the cockpit or in the hull tips, or on top, and it’s lightweight.

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