Wheel for Fishing Kayak Long Distance Transportation

Dennis Vircks is a saltwater kayak fisherman from California who wrote a review on his Wavewalk fishing kayak. Dennis rigged his W kayak with a simple and effective means for long distance carrying:

Fishing kayak with wheel on deck

-“I have to take the Wavewalk over long stretches of sandy beaches in order to launch and retrieve.

Even when empty this is a chore.

Here is my solution: One large low inflation tire placed between the stern hulls.

Wheel for fishing kayak

I chose a Wheeleeze WZ1-30UB.

The axel is a ¾ inch aluminum cylinder 29 inches long.
Holes were drilled to accommodate two hitch pin clips.

Here is how I attach it:

Take about nine feet of the anchor line (it’s already there so you might as well use it).
Make a double loop around the end of one axel.

Run the line through the provided “EYE”.fishing kayak wheel
Run the line across the hull through the other provided “EYE” make a double wrap around the other end of the axel and tie off to the cleat, part of the additional rigging.fishing kayak wheel
Lift the craft and bounce it to get the slack out of the line and secure the
anchor end to the cleat. fishing kayak whell

Here is the good part:

Prior to launch, remove one of the hitch pin clips and the wheel from the axel.

Insert the keeper end of the axel through a bow (or stern) caring strap.Fishing kayak wheel

Slide the wheel  back on to the axel, run the axel  through the other caring strap and replace the clip.fishing kayak wheel

You are good to go even into Newport Harbor Channel.

-Dennis Vircks”fishing kayak wheel


  1. Parrot

    Now that’s a smart rig!

  2. Marco

    With a wheel and so much space the hulls I guess this w can double as a wheelbarrow 😀

  3. Fish Wiz

    I guess such a wheel adds flotation in the right place in case the boat overturns.

  4. PB366

    This yak doesn’t have any flush mounted rod holders, how come?

  5. admin

    Dennis ordered an STR model and rigged it with four deck mounted rod holders that he chose.

  6. Quebec Seakayaker

    I suppose such a wheel could double as additional flotation in case of capsize.

  7. Jack Walker

    I’m interested in the fishfinder hookup. What kind of transducer did you use and how is it installed? What do you use for a battery system?
    Thanks, Jack

  8. Dennis


    I use the provided Humminbird Piranha Max 240 transducer mounted on the Minn Kota with a “Rig Rite” trolling motor transducer mount. Cabela’s Item #IK-012684. You will have to trim one of the nylon bushings to make it fit.

    I use two DECA 8AU1H Deep Cycle batteries. They are 8” long, 5” wide and 6” high and I set one in each of the hulls.

  9. Roxanne

    I like how you use that wheel for transporting the WW.
    I have a kayak cart for my WW, but it is not as easy to use as your
    one wheel set up.

  10. John Z

    I still say the easiest/most convenient transport wheel design is the ‘flip over’ concept that I stole from the British W yaker with the 2 cycle outboard. The fact that it stays mounted to the W means that you don’t have to worry about storing it aboard the W or risk losing it if you have to hide it on the shore. It’s always there when you need to use it.
    John Z

  11. Genez

    The flip over wheel system is most ingenious, and the coolest looking, in my opinion. Only problem I see is that fishing lines could get caught in it.

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