Fishing Kayak Storm Proof Paddle Holder – California

paddle holder for fishing kayakDennis Vircks is a saltwater Wavewalk kayak fisherman from Huntington Beach, California.






Dennis contributed his kayak review to this website, and many excellent outfitting and rigging ideas, such as this ‘storm proof’ paddle holder system: Fishing kayak paddle holder - eyelet






As it’s easy to see, this paddle isn’t going anywhere even when Dennis is fighting a fish or busy with his electric trolling motor, and even if the kayak is in turbulent water.
Hook for fishing kayak paddle holder






This picture shows the inner side of the cockpit, where Dennis attached a Nylon eyelet that serves as an attachment point for the hook on the bungee cord:
View from inside the cockpit: Paddle holder for fishing kayakThe hook prevents the bungee from coming out of its place when holding the paddle.
The last picture shows the paddle holder from inside the cockpit, with the hook securing the bungee to the eyelet.


  1. Fish Wiz

    Fishing in deep saltwater is a different game altogether. Things are constantly moving, and you need to secure everything to the boat.

  2. Cole

    I find the rubber paddle holders that come with the W paddle to be pretty good.

  3. Rob

    Trolling motor questions:

    Performance wise, which is better, a bow or stern trolling motor? Would batt last longer in one vs the other?

    What about the new wireless trolling motors; a viable option?

    Assume a 24v is overkill and too heavy – correct?

    Is there a need to cutdown the shaft lenght regardless if a stern or bow mount?

    Finally, batt location – better on saddle or up under one of the hulls?

    Research mode, Thanks.

  4. Portos

    I’d say a trolling motor in the front could give you problems with your fishing lines, and a 24 V is an overkill for such a small craft.
    The best place for a battery is as low as possible, down at the bottom of the hull. If you attach the motor on one side of the boat the battery needs to balance it and be in the hull on the opposite side.

  5. Ray Schwertner

    how did you mount your hummingbird transducer?

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