Kayak Fly Fisherman’s Report From Cape Cod

Earlier this year, Craig Masterman, a W kayak saltwater fly fisherman from Massachusetts contributed some innovative rigging ideas in his fishing kayak review. Craig recently emailed me the following report from Cape Cod:

-“The fishing has been only fair along much of Cape Cod this season.  That seems to be the consensus of many anglers I have talked to.  There are fish around, but you have to work hard for them.  I have taken the W out in Pleasant Bay twice and on the Brewster flats in Cape Cod bay once, and I caught fish on each outing with the fly rod.  The rigging for the rod and paddle worked out really well. I did add a small cleat on one end of the boat right over the W logo to tie off the anchor line as I had planned.  The first trip on Pleasant Bay found me paddling up onto a beautiful white sand shallow flat next to a deeper trough of water on a falling tide.  I was able to stand and slowly pole/paddle along the edge and sight cast to visible stripers edging onto the flat to feed.  I hooked a 26 inch fat fish on the third cast!  Just perfect!  …I love the boat and will keep you updated as I tweek the rigging over time. Craig”

Thanks Craig, we look forward to more reports, rigging ideas and pictures!


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  1. Cape Cod is a great place for paddling and fishing. Too bad it’s so hard to get there in summer because of traffic!

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