The Soda Can Test: How Stable Is Your Fishing Kayak?…

Scott sent us more pictures from his Minnesota river trips, and here’s one that tells something about stability:

Fishing kayak on the Maple river, MinnesotaScott tells: -“I paddled the Maple river in nice calm waters with good depth, my Pepsi was riding securely in front of me along side my camera.”

Well, if you can keep a soda can securely on your kayak’s deck without using a cup holder while you’re paddling down a sinuous river, it says something about your boat’s primary (initial) stability…

2 thoughts on “The Soda Can Test: How Stable Is Your Fishing Kayak?…”

  1. Cool picture, but I’d recommend a cup holder, just in case 😉

  2. Some of the photos in that boat review are beautiful.

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