W Fishing Kayak Deep Water Reentry – Video

Here is a new, short instruction movie on this subject:

Note that the reentry conditions here are difficult: Moving water and no help from others.

Nevertheless, if you take your time, go slowly and keep cool there’s no problem.

7 thoughts on “W Fishing Kayak Deep Water Reentry – Video”

  1. Not necessarily, if you remember to stay cool and do things slowly, gradually, and while thinking about keeping your balance with your legs on the sides. There’s no benefit in rushing when you reenter the boat.

  2. It doesn’t look that hard to me. Is getting back in on flat water easier? –Marco

  3. The presence of waves requires more attention since they rock the boat.

  4. Few people can get back in a traditional kayak, and not too many can do it with a sit on top either. This re entering looks pretty straightforward to me.

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