Brandon’s Fishing Kayak in the Surf, Nantucket

Brandon Cutter and friends, from Cape Cod, Massachusetts play with Brandon’s 2008 W fishing kayak in the surf in Nantucket. They paddle in parallel to the beach – hopping on breaking waves. They launch, surf and beach. (1 minute)

One of them easily recovers his overturned boat, and then keeps paddling.

4 thoughts on “Brandon’s Fishing Kayak in the Surf, Nantucket”

  1. I didn’t realize it was that easy to recover an overturned W that has those side flotation noodles attached to it. I might reconsider using them…

  2. I wonder if it’s be possible to design a W that’s self bailing, like SOT kayaks are.

  3. You’ll notice that in this case the W is outfitted with just one pair of side floatation modules.
    With two pairs (E models) the results would have been even better.
    You can outfit your 2008 W kayak with side and top-side floatation in a way that would make them unsinkable, and prevent water from getting into the hulls if the boat is overturned.
    In this sense the 2008 is already ‘self bailing’ – if properly outfitted with enough floatation in the right places.

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