New Kayak Fishing Instruction Video: Jeff’s Rigged 2008 W Fishing Kayak

Here is Jeff McGovern’s latest contribution to the art and science of W kayak fishing –

A two minute, online guided tour of his rigged, 2008 W fishing kayak (video plus audio).
It’s a gem:

11 thoughts on “New Kayak Fishing Instruction Video: Jeff’s Rigged 2008 W Fishing Kayak”

  1. Jeff’s video is great. I wonder how come Wavewalk didn’t produce something like it two years ago…

  2. Can I find out where Jeff got the pulley blocks for his anchoring system?

  3. The white pulley sets I use come from Lowes. The frame is black nylon and the pulley wheel itself white nylon riding on a metal bushing. They are sold to be used on dog runs or for clothes lines. Cost is around three dollar each and I’ve had better luck with them than the more expensive metal ones. I rinse them after saltwater use. You can attached them to the carry handles using a swivel clip made of marine bronze it can be found in the same department at the store. If you’ll check out my little video on rigging I think the assembly is pretty clear.

  4. Thanks Jeff, I have been looking for pulleys like yours. I wanted to get something in nylon since I use my wavewalk in Sarasota Bay. The only ones I could find were yacht class at a boating store ($$$) or metal pulleys at various hardware outlets that looked to be heavy and likely to have corrosion issues. Thanks also for all of the other value information in your posts.

  5. What are the clips for paddles called and where did you buy them?

  6. Here are a series of shots I made of those clips a little while back for Gary Rankel, he had wondered about them too. I buy them at Wal-Mart in the bath section of the hardware department. They are over the door clothing hooks made of nylon. There are different types you want to ones that are flexible not the hard plastic. I drill them as shown then fasten a section of 3/8 inch clear tubing to the inside edge as a keeper using a strap tie. cost for a pair is under 5 dollars and they hold up for a long time. For fishing out of a W500 they make handling the paddle so much easier, in fact you can put it in or pull it out on handed.


    paddle-clip for fishing kayak

    paddle-clip for fishing kayak

  7. Jeff I always injoy your video’s on the w-site or u-tube. I have a pulley trolley much like yours , except I use a recoiling dog lease for my anchor rope. The positioning rope ties to its handle instead of the center rope fastener shown in your video. It works great. You can let it out to what ever depth or length you want then stop it.
    It is also great for drift fishing, which i tend to like to do from time to time.
    You can let it out barely in the water lock it and let your boat drift with the current or wind. I perfer it to a drift sock if the wind and, or, current is not to strong. I sometimes use both the anchor and the drift sock to slow the drift down if I need to. Also if you want to park and fish you can drop the anchor and shorten it or let it out, there is no problem doing so. Keep making these great video’s we love’m and remember to keep your wboat a float.

  8. Yoav, I am afraid there is not much to show as for as add ons to my wboat. When I first got it I made a removable chair which swiveled 360* and added a crate box plus a holding net to fit on the back ot the w. However I did not like the extra weight so I took it all off. I also like the complete movement you have when there is not a lot of stuff you have in or on the w.
    The stuff I do have on the boat is small and simple like s hooks on front and side of my w to hook rope or cord to. I made my own paddle out of a standard yak paddle that snaps together. I had a extra snap which I installed on the end of the paddle that did not have one, got some aluminium pipe and put some wood gig/broom handles in the center part that would still allow room for the yak paddle ends to fit in and drilled a hole in it for the paddle snaps to snap in and I was done. It is about 10and 3/4 ft. long and does float. Also I put hooks on the side to hold my paddle {they are attached to a bungeecord which hooks to eyes which I aready had on my w, so not only did I not have to drill more holes in my w, but they are easily removable as well}. I have a dog choke leash that acts as a paddle leash. It is long enough for me to stand in the boat and paddle. I never have to take it off. I mounted a rod holder on each end of the w, on opposite sides of each other, and made my anchor trolley with a retracting dog leash in the center to put the anchor on, which allows me to set it’s depth. Other then these things my wboat is like i bought it. I even decided against that cool airmotor you came up with because i like to paddle and because of the noise and weight factor.
    I did find a neat way to hold it in my truck. I have what I call eye ears on the inside sides of my truck bed. I simply lock a chain to one of the eyes behind my cab and wrap it around the cock pit of the w and lock it again where the two ends meet. No way is it
    gonna come out until it is released. It also helps safe guard my w from being stolen if I
    want to go in some where like a store , motel, campsite or whatever.
    The only other thing I can think of is my wheel that I made for rolling it to the water or truck, but there are a lot of them already on your site for show and tell. They do come in handy.
    Well till next time you keep thinking, you seem to be good at it. Have a great wday.
    Sir Pawpaw

  9. Thanks David,

    I guess you did the right thing when you decided to ‘sequester’ the air-jet motor project 😉
    Both electric trolling motors and standard gas outboard motors work pretty well with our W kayak.

    We all still hope you’d be inspired to send us some pictures of your W kayak!


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