DIY W Fishing Kayak One Wheel Trolley

John Putnam is a kayak fisherman from eastern Massachusetts who likes to fish the beaches and small lakes in the southeastern part of the state, where few other fishermen venture.  The access to those places is sometimes very difficult, and therefore requires an all-terrain solution for portaging.

A kayak or canoe trolley would be expensive and bulky to carry on board, and might not be up to the task in particularly hard to access spots.

John’s DIY solution is simple and brilliant: Use the W kayak as a wheelbarrow, with a wide wheel attached in the space below the hull tips. The wheel is mounted on a lightweight, plastic tube frame, which itself can be attached to the boat with just one strap going between the hulls.

Says John: -“The W paddle is fantastic. I used it last night in the sea and it makes me wonder whether a trolling motor has that much advantage over it.”

Update from John -“I have moved to what I hope will be a better fishing area in Vermont and expect to show off the W to many of the locals very soon. ”

John’s ‘all terrain’ 2007 W Fishing Kayak:

Portaging solution for W fishing kayak

Trolley for W fishing kayak

Wheel for W fishing kayak


  1. Avaz_Bob

    I don’t quite get how it’s attached to the boat, but it looks like a perfect solution. I guess that wheel must be hollow 😉
    Avaz B

  2. Bluefish

    I wish i could come up with such ideas…

  3. Mike H

    Looks like there’s a strap going below the saddle to the other side, where it’s probably attached to something else. More pictures would be helpful.

  4. John P

    The attachment is very basic. A piece of pipe on top of the hulls on both ends. Run a manual pull locking strap under the saddle and pull both of the pipes together. You can now tie off the frame of the wheel on either end of the W. You may want to bolt a piece of wood to the pipes so the wheel frame will have something square to butt up against.
    John Putnam

  5. Tom B

    I have to find a way to do this. I bought a Kayak trolley for use with my Wyak and it just didn’t work. Kept sliding off.

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