Brandon’s Quick Release, Big Fish Kayak Anchor System

Brandon from Cape Cod made this ingenious instant release anchor system for his W kayak.

He writes:

-“Here are some pics of an anchor system that worked really well for me last season. The key is to be able to release the Wavewalk kayak from the anchor line in an instant to chase and fight a big fish.

The Genius Carabiner opens at an angle so only one hand is needed. The float allows the angler to find the anchor system after the fight and start fishing again from that productive spot.
Commercial fisherman use a similar (yet much beefier) system to hook, fight and land giant bluefin tuna here on Cape Cod.”

anchor system for fishing kayak

anchor system clipped to fishing kayak

Brandon's fishing kayak anchor system

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  1. Mike M

    That’s a smart system if you’re a sporty fisherman, providing you don’t forget how long your anchor line is 😀

  2. Knucklewalker

    I think polypropylene lines float

  3. Fish Wiz

    A less sporty fisherman would probably let the fish drag the anchor too once it gets caught …

  4. brandon

    its easier to see the float rather than just a polypro line. the last thing an angler needs is to have a fish circle under the boat and tangle in the anchor line.

  5. Knucklewalker

    makes sense

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