DIY W Fishing Kayak by John Forney (2)

John Forney has a new web page where he presents his work in designing and building kayaks  and small boats. After this beautiful wooden W fishing kayak John’s next project is a skin-on-aluminum-frame W boat.


7 thoughts on “DIY W Fishing Kayak by John Forney (2)”

  1. Beautiful work. I like the bulkheads in the bow and stern. Can they be used for storage?

  2. I like it too. It would be interesting to see more pictures from other angles.

  3. From what I can see the saddle looks different from the W kayak’s. I guess it’s harder to work in wood than it is in plastic.
    Mike H.

  4. this boat might be a perfect all-around fishing platform

  5. I’d like to paddle this kayak. It’s nice to see new W boats on the water.

  6. This boat looks like a new combination of the best that kayaks, canoes and catamarans have to offer.

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