John Forney’s First W Boat Design

John Forney is a boat designer and builder from Texas.

He has already designed and built a number of kayaks, both in wood and skin-on-frame.

John took upon himself to be the first to design and build a wooden W boat, and he did it.

This W is 12 feet long and 30 inches wide, and it can take two large size kayak fishermen with all their gear, as well as camping gear:

John Forney's 12 ft wooden W boatBennett Crow christening John’s W boat.  Photo: John Forney.

John says: “It’s a known thing that you build your first boat just to learn and then you throw it away, but this boat is just too good to throw – it’s amazing.”

John is now involved in building two more wooden W boats, and he plans to design and build W boats in other materials as well.


6 thoughts on “John Forney’s First W Boat Design”

  1. How is she called?
    What would you call it – “canoe” “kayak”?

  2. She’s named after a power catamaran that Bennett’s father had on Lake Waco in the 50’s.

    The way I see it this boat can be called a kayak, a canoe or a W, or any combination of these names.
    ‘Form Follows Function’ is a motto that many designers believe is true. In the same spirit you could say that the category this boat belongs to depends on what people would actually use it for.
    For example: A sit-on-top (SOT) is historically and technically a paddle board. But since most people use it as they would use a kayak, that is for kayaking, then it makes sense to call a SOT a “kayak”.

  3. I don’t know exactly but since its hulls are 20% wider and 20% longer than Wavewalk’s W kayak I would assume its total load capacity to be about 40% higher.

  4. Hey guys!

    The boat weighs 74 pounds. It will hold two big guys pretty easily, but I would want some sort of spray deflector if you’re carrying two. It will hold all of my stuff for camping, and I’m no Ray Jardine.

  5. Thanks John,
    74 lb is a 100% cartop boat, and that’s very promising.
    I hope we’ll get to see more pictures soon 🙂

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