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About Us

Wavewalk, Inc. was founded in Massachusetts in 2001. We dedicated our first years to research and development, and we've been selling W kayaks since 2004, mostly in the US, and increasingly in other countries as well.
  In the beginning, Wavewalk was just a new company with a revolutionary vision about better paddling and fishing, and we had a patented invention that would enable it all.
  Today 'About Us' is the story of well tested products and confirmed achievements, but more importantly, it's about W kayakers and W anglers - people across America and in other countries who LOVE their W kayaks. Some of them have become our friends, and others are fans who support us in every way they can. Recently, some fans are turning into local dealers and distributors.
This happened mainly because the W kayak has made a positive change in these people's lives, by empowering them to do things that other kayaks and small boats won't let them do, and enabling them to be free from pain and discomfort imposed by older types of kayaks.

  This is about regular people who do exceptional things, such as stand up paddling and kayak fishing standing on a daily basis, and all through the year, because the W kayak calls for it and enables it for real - even if you're not necessarily a twenty-something, lightweight and athletic dude or gal. 

 This is about W kayakers and anglers who spend many hours in their W kayak without having to stop and go out of it to relief their aching legs and sore backs. This is because leg and back pain simply don't happen to them when they're in their W kayak -  They can stretch their legs anytime and in any way they want while staying in, as well as stand up, and relax any part of their body.  Some go as far as taking an occasional cat nap in their W500, especially in case the fish fail to show up...

 About us is about people who launch their W Kayaks anywhere they want, go wherever they want and beach it anywhere they choose to, thus enjoying mobility they couldn't have before with either sit-in or sit-on-top kayaks.
Those of us who fish from our W kayaks enjoy the extra power they get from their legs in the riding position. After all, when you cast or fight a big fish you need all the power and stability you can get.

 We want to have more fun without giving up our full comfort, and we think to ourselves "let's rock" when we see approaching the big wake generated by a fast motorboat, because it's no longer a threat or even a problem for us - just one more source of amusement.
  And here's our little secret: most of us like to stand up in our W kayaks and engage in a casual conversation with regular ('mono') kayakers sitting as low as water level. We know their butts and feet are wet, and we know ours are dry… -You may like that too.

At Wavewalk we feel we're just a part of this unfolding story, and we like to stay in touch with our clients long after we've delivered their kayaks to them and made sure everything is OK. It's because we always have something new and interesting to talk about: A new, fun experience, a new idea for rigging, a new cool picture or fun story to share, a new challenge - It's always fresh and fun, and it keeps growing at a great speed, even in hard times, when our old-style competitors are stumbling.

That's who and what we are, and there are more of us everywhere.
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Stand up fishing kayak equipped with 2 hp outboard motor
Yoav driving his stand up motorized W kayak

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Over 1,000 entries including kayak reviews, rigged kayaks, stories, fishing reports, comments, pictures and movies contributed by W kayak anglers and paddlers from the US and abroad.
Plus articles, movies and other stuff contributed by Wavewalk...

Why Wavewalk?

-"These days, both paddlers and anglers are tired of the outdated, inadequate sit-in, SOT and hybrid kayaks, and they're looking to get a better paddling and fishing experience, as well as the best value for their dollars. This is what they find in our W kayaks."

Yoav Rosen
Founder and President
Wavewalk, Inc.
Sharon, Massachusetts

Yoav and Orit tandem kayaking
Yoav (L) and Orit (R) paddling in tandem
Lake Massapoag, Massachusetts.

Would You Be Interested In Becoming a Local W Dealer?

Wavewalk is recruiting more local dealers and international distributors - Neither commercial storefront nor previous experience required.
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Fishing Kayaks User Manual: Launching, paddling, fishing, recovery

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