Wavewalk fishing

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Note: This is a review of the W300 kayak series that was discontinued in 2010.
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Cap’n Ron

  W Kayaker, Puget Sound, Washington

42 ft Sailing catamaran Puget Sound
‘Ninja’ is a beautiful Manta 42 ft sailing catamaran that Cap'n Ron operates for charters and lessons from Bellingham, WA.  Ninja hosts Cap'n Ron's green W kayak serving as tender and just for fun.

W kayak aboard sailing catamaran Vancouver Island
W kayak aboard the Ninja. Nanaimo, Vancouver Island

"I finally had a chance to try the wavewalk. After my initial uneasy and shaky start, I settled down and became very comfortable. Each time I get better.
The Wavewalk is an interesting kayak that performed as advertised.
I was able to carry the kayak on the bow of my catamaran. It was fun to have a kayak option on board. Received lots of interesting looks from people not use to seeing a catamaran kayak.
Look forward to more use next year."

W kayak aboard sailing catamaran, Victoria, Canada
Cap'n Ron's W kayak aboard the Ninja. Victoria, Canada

W kayak aboard the Ninja. Chatterbox Falls, British Columbia

The W used as tender - dinghy

captain Ron getting into his W kayak dinghy
Cap'n Ron goes down from the Ninja into his W holding one end of a rope

W boat as dinghy tender
He paddles to shore and attaches the rope to a fallen tree

W kayak used as a dinght to tender big sailing boat
Now all passengers aboard the Ninja can go to shore and stay there while the other passengers can still use the W 'kayak-dinghy' for other purposes

Captain Ron in his W kayak

Captain Ron paddling his W kayak

Closeup W kayak onboard sailing catamaran

Captain Ron  relaxing in his W kayak

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