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U.S. utility patent #6871608
Patent pending in Canada

Note: This is a review of the W300 kayak series that was discontinued in 2010.
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Dog in w touring kayak
Special comfort for friends...
-"Mack often falls asleep in his place at the front of the W cockpit."
Photo: Norma Cavello
W kayak beach camping
Taking it easy with friends - kayak camping on the beach.
-"The Wavewalk carried our camping equipment, firewood and food."
Photo: Norma Cavello

Norma likes to communicate with other sea kayakers like herself and she regularly takes part in kayaking discussion forums on MSN, Top Kayaker and Paddling.net

2010 -
Norma tells more about her W kayaking experience

Norma Cavello

Sea Kayaker
and Kayak Camper

Norma C - sea kayaker

Norma is a seasoned and passionate sea kayaker who owns a fleet of six fast sea kayaks.  She loves to go kayak tripping and camping all over New England, from Maine to her home state of Connecticut.
Her longest W kayak trip so far was a solo ocean round trip of eighteen miles.
She says about that trip: "The more time out there in it the more I learned to trust the Wavewalk."
She adds: -"I think this is such a neat boat...-The Wavewalk kayak is good in lakes, rivers and the ocean, even good in the surf."

Mack is a regular passenger in Norma's kayaks: -"Mack has learned to love it (the W). He's used to getting hit with the waves, in the Wavewalk kayak he doesn't. First time he saw a wave coming he braced and when he didn't get hit, he just stared between the 2 hulls and relaxed."
I too like the comfort" she adds.

kayak touring with a dog
Comfy winter touring with a cool passenger cozy onboard.

Dog in W kayak cockpit
Mack the seasoned kayak passenger scouting from the W cockpit.
Photo: Norma C

About the Wavewalk kayak's speed: -"I found that I can keep up with the long sea kayaks if they're not paddled by expert sea kayakers. In long trips I get much less tired paddling the W"