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Note: This is a review of the W300 kayak series that was discontinued in 2010.
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Bevans Welder
W Kayak Fisherman, Texas

-"I rigged out the W kayak and took her out for her maiden voyage on a Saturday evening.  I fished a channel between two bays.  The wind was higher than I anticipated so I tried to fish the lee side of a causeway.  The water was fairly smooth but there were no fish.  So, as I studied the windward side, I debated whether I should try that much turbulent water or not [the wind was blowing over an outgoing tide and the sun had already set].  There were white caps and 2 foot swells.  It was bumpy for sure but not life threatening. Nevertheless, I tried it, something I would not have done on my sit-on-top.

 Bevans standing in his fishing kayak
Bevans and his rigged W fishing kayak

It was bouncy, but the W kayak was steady.  With the wind and the tide, the waves were coming at me broad side.  I just concentrated on fishing instead of trying to fight the waves and things were fine.  I had to work to keep myself where I thought the fish were.  As a result, I caught two nice trout.  Since, I only allotted a couple of hours for the trip, I had to quit while the fish were still biting. 
On the way in, I passed a fisherman in the calmer water who had seen me turn around in the kayak earlier.  He said, "That was really cool.  No more repositioning the anchor for you!"  I replied, "Right you are!"  He really liked the W kayak.  As I left him, I stood up and paddled a while, never looking back to catch his gaze...

Bevans showing the first two fish he caught in his W kayak
This picture is entitled "Dad showing the first two fish he caught in his new kayak".
Note the basket attached in the front of the cockpit , and the way the paddle is attached between the hulls for car topping.

One of the things that I really like about this kayak, and there are many things I like, is that I can store all of my gear in it after each trip.  That way, when I an ready to go out, I don't have to hunt around for everything.  I just load the kayak in the truck and go [which is what I did Tuesday morning before daylight].  I had an hour or so to fish and so I just paddled out, watched a beautiful sunrise, fished a while and was at the trainer's by 8 o'clock for my morning workout.  Too cool!!
You can haul all of your tackle and stuff, carry an extra rod, sit when you need a rest, stand when you are stalking fish and anchor when you are "on 'em."

 Bevans in his fishing kayak and his his daughter in her SOT kayak
Bevans and his daughter Skeeter

Last time we we went fishing it was a windy day and the fish were scattered on the flat.  I had no trouble handling the W in the wind.  It tracked beautifully no matter which direction I was heading.  I made a long run with the wind, trying to find fish.  I stood up in the boat and used the paddle like a tiller.  We covered lots of water that way but never saw the fish we were looking for.

The W is great - we have been really busy this summer so I have had it out few times. - I adapted to standing and paddling on this particular trip - we were having trouble finding fish - so I stood up to "see" them better - interestingly, I caught an undersized trout while retrieving an artificial bait and saw the fish hit the lure - that's something that I would not have been able to do while sitting in my old sit-on-top kayak.

Thanks for the W kayak.  It is truly a great kayak.


Bevans and a friend sitting in their fishing kayaks
"The photos aren't really all that good - when we are fishing, we are fishing, and so I usually have the rod in my hand and not the camera - The night picture is from my first trip out in the W - that was unforgettable - the other photos were taken by one of our daughters [in the wide sit-on-top kayak] and one of our friends [in his SOT fishing kayak] on the last trip out it was a beautiful day but fishing was slow - we enjoyed the ride nevertheless.

By the way, our son did a lot of winter trout fishing when he was still living at home.  He had to wear cumbersome waders to keep warm and dry in the sit-on-top.  He would have loved to fish in the W kayak."