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16" striper caught at Bluff Point, CT
16 striper caught on a homemade white and red fly down at Bluff Point, Groton, CT

Paul C fishing kayak
-"I fashioned the handles from rope, plastic tubing and a couple of brass clasps that connect the two eyelets on each hull.  This makes it easier to handle as the load is more closely centered with the pick-up point.  Before launching, I clasp the handle to one eyelet to eliminate any chance of getting it caught up in weeds or other structure poking out of the water."

Paddle holder on the cockpit side
Paul's DIY (do it yourself) paddle holder.
-"The foam seat is a yoga mat cut and layered 4 thick using double sided tape.  Provides a decent seat cushion but also acts to deaden any noise while making any tackle changes."

Note: This is a review of the W300 kayak series that was discontinued in 2010.
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Paul C's Retrofitted W Fishing Kayak,

Paul is a mechanical engineer who works in a research and development institute in Connecticut.
He recently purchased
from its first owners one of the very first W kayaks that got on the market (hence the different handles and graphics) and set to turn it into a 'fishing machine'...
Armed with some advice and 'stuff' he got from us Paul repaired his boat, buttressed its spray deflector and cast floatation in its tips.  He also outfitted it with whatever it takes to take on
fish in both freshwater and saltwater.

Paul's first account:
I took it out last night for my second outing, remembering the tip on the riding vs sitting position I was much more stable than before.  Casting with the fly rod wasn't a problem either. 
I stood a couple times while holding the rim just to get the feel of the change in balance.  After paddling and fishing for about 90 minutes I really needed to stand straight, so I did,
and I paddled slowly while standing.  It was great. While standing and paddling toward the launch I passed a couple of young guys sitting on the bank, fishing.  Later, while packing my gear, those two guys came over to take a look.  They certainly were intrigued and amazed at how narrow it was. They thought it would have been wider after seeing me standing in it.  They were also a bit surprised when they found out it was my first time doing so."

Paul concludes:
-"I've been doing very well with my WaveWalk.  I've been down fishing for stripers in various estuaries along the eastern shoreline of
Connecticut and Rhode Island.  My boat has really open up a whole new part of fishing that was previously unattainable to me, and being able to stand while casting is a huge benefit.  Although the stripers are nearly invisible I'm able to pick up swirls and hits better than if I was sitting."

Photos:  Paul  C. , Connecticut

Paul's W kayak anchored
"Quonny pond is in Rhode Island and the pics show the yak in full gear."

Paul C kayak anchored
-"It's anchored and tethered on a sand bar island across the channel from the boat launch."

Milk crate on top of fishing kayak
Paul outfitted his renovated W kayak  with the proverbial kayak fishermen's milk crate equipped with a DIY rod holder.

GPS is W fishing kayak cockpit
"I've also added a RAM ball mount for a Lowrance H2O GPS unit I have.  Handy for when it gets dark or foggy."