Wavewalk fishing


Note: This is a review of the W300 kayak series that was discontinued in 2010.
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Andrew Kumler

Cold Water and Streams

W Kayak Fly Fisherman and Photographer

Springfield, Oregon

Fishing kayak on a lake, in winter, with snow in the background - Oregon
"This picture was taken by Scott Floyd at Smith Reservoir in the West Central Cascade Mountains of Oregon"

Watch Andrew fly fishing standing in his W300 kayak:

Stand Up Fly Fishing Kayak, from Oregon Fishing Forum

"I like my Wavewalk a lot" Andrew says
-"I have never flipped it. I find it very stable to fish from.  I had a close call on my first river trip..I was not used to the boat yet and I caught a cross current ..I thought I was going to flip for sure..But when the boat reached a point it righted its self..I learned a lot about it on that trip.."

Andrew's fishing kayak by the river

Andrew's W kayak beached

"...I do love the w-kayak."

Andrew recently achieved fame among local fishermen
(read article).

Andrew's "other boat" is a Mokai - a powerful and fast motorized kayak.
A very cool boat.

Andrew's fishing kayak
"That's my Wavewalk..A great and stable twin hull kayak."

Andrew's kayak cockpit cover
Andrew created this ingenious cockpit cover that's attached to the spray deflector with Velcro.  It's very useful for camping trips.

kayak cockpit cover
The cockpit cover can be turned into a half-skirt that helps keeping Andrew cozy and warm when temperatures drop and the wind is blowing.

kayak anchor system
This anchor system keeps Andrew's W kayak in place in midstream

Kayak Seat
"I'm glad that those ideas are helping you and your customers out...I guess it's a little pay back for you creating such a great boat"

Andrew's fishing kayak - front view
Andrew can take a lot of gear with him on his long fishing trips, and this is where he keeps some of it

Photos: Andrew Kumler


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