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Pat #6871608

Kayak Fishing In Winter

Kayaking On Ice
  7.5 minutes long

-Just click to play the video
NOTE: The activities shown in this demo movie are extremely dangerous and you shouldn't attempt to perform them yourself.

Winter isn't necessarily the end of the fishing season for W the kayak fisherman but it's important to stress that fishing from a kayak in cold water and/or weather can be extremely dangerous, especially if the water is too deep for you to stand in, and more so if you're fishing at a distance from shore.
We recommend that you avoid taking unnecessary risks when kayak fishing in cold water and/or weather, for example:
Always wear a personal floatation device (PFD) and the appropriate protective clothing such as wetsuits, drysuits, Neoprene gloves and booties, and so on.
Do not wear heavy shoes or rubber boots, waders or any other piece of clothing that might become heavy and cumbersome in case you fall into the water since they will prevent you from getting back into your boat or swim back to shore. 
Never drink alcohol or take medication that might make you drowsy
before and while kayak fishing.
Avoid stepping on ice if there's water below it since it might crack and let you fall through, which can quickly lead to hypothermia and consequently to death by drowning or exhaustion.
This page shows some things that only highly skilled W kayakers may perform if absolutely necessary, such as in case of an emergency rescue, and we recommend that you avoid trying them altogether before you become a highly trained and proficient W kayaker yourself.

Beaching kayak on ice
'Penguin Leap' style beaching on ice
Ice beaching a W kayak
Same beaching technique - standing
Stepping out of the W kayak on ice
Carefully stepping out of the kayak
Checking the ice near the kayak
Carefully checking the ice

W fishing Kayak taking out on thick ice

W Kayak - Ice Penguin Leap with "Rooster Crest"

Ice kayak paddling - standing

W kayak take out on thick ice
Icy Penguin Leap - Standing

Pushing W fishing kayak on thick ice
In case the ice is to thin to walk on beside the boat it's possible to push the boat using one foot.

Kayak trip on ice covered water
Paddling a fishing kayak through thin ice and landing on thick ice

W fishing kayak beaching on ice

two kayakers standing in fishing kayaks on thick ice
Standing in W kayaks beached on thick ice
Fishing kayak in winter - Oregon
W Fishing Kayak outfitted with cockpit cover
Photo: Scott Floyd, OR

The 'Icy Penguin Leap' Beaching Technique:

Sit or stand in the back of the cockpit and raise the bow. Paddle as fast as you can towards the ice sheet in a perpendicular angle, and 'leap' on top of it like a penguin.  Immediately move forward to the front of the cockpit.
Check the ice visually, then with your paddle, and if it seems to be strong enough check it with one foot, then another while holding to the boat in a way that would allow you to re-enter it quickly and safely if the ice starts to crack.

Pushing the kayak on the ice
Pushing the kayak while leaning on it in order to take weight from the feet

Icy water kayaking - beaching
Penguin Leap standing

W kayak launching sideways from thick ice
Ice launching sideways is dangerous