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pamlico-river-kayaking-nc Kayaking again at 76 with my Wavewalk
Charlie Manning, North Carolina
diy-fishing-rod-rack-for-4-rods Things are going great with my W500
Mike Brown, Virginia
UK-kayak-fishing-trip-Scotland Fish we caught in the Sea of the Hebrides, Scotland
Charlie Piggott, Kent, England, United Kingdom
two-fishermen-in-tandem-kayak-ny My Wavewalk 500 tandem fishing kayak (movie)
Sivanesan Rajan, New York
big-heavy-fisherman-fishing-standing-in-his-kayak 6’7″ and 280 lbs, fishing and paddling standing in my WaveWalk
Peter Aweeky, New York
My son caught his first bass on our first tandem launch Me and my son fishing in our new W kayak
Gerald Gatchalian, Virginia
heron-in-Pennsylvania-lake Initial review of my W500 as a kayak for photography
Kai Roth, Pennsylvania
wavewalk-kayak-on-top-of-ATV Our Wavewalk kayak in Newfoundland, Canada
Daniel Vogel, Switzerland
30-inch-snook-in-the-kayak's-cockpit My Wavewalk 500
Steve Lucas, Florida
largemouth bass caught in N Minnesota My W kayak one year later
Mike Moody, North Dakota
snakehead-fish-pierced-by-arrow Bow fishing for snakehead on the Potomac
John Dillon, Maryland
July-4th-bass 4th of July bass
Ricardo Moyano, Illinois
tony-paddling-standing-in-his-fishing-kayak Standing and paddling is just awesome
Tony Schiro, Pennsylvania
my-fishing-kayak-without-the-motor-on My Wavewalk fishing kayak with a 2.5 Suzuki outboard motor,
Robert Buck, New Brunswick, Canada
dave-standing-next-to-his-rigged-fishing-kayak On the gulf many times fishing in heavy seas
David Miller (Crappie Dave), Florida
two-beached-fishing-kayaks-Texas Our multiple W kayak activities including fishing
Aaron and Lynn Söderberg, Texas
underwater-led-light-for-night-gigging Two 24 inch redfish first trip out
Mike Poole, Louisiana
NO PICTURE This kayak will open another dimension for me
Charlie Manning, North Carolina
fishing-kayak-with-rod-rack-and-electric-trolling-motor-VA Fishing in my Wavewalk kayak for 13 hours with no discomfort
Travis in VA
dottie-ann-rigged-fishing-kayak-florida And I love, love my boat...
Dottie Ann Pollock, Florida
elderly fly angler - first time paddling standing in his kayak 70 years old, first trip in my W fishing kayak, first time standing Dennis Pritchard, Virginia
5.5lbs-largemouth-bass-caught-in-tandem-fishing-kayak-ny-56.gif Tandem kayak bassin with wifey
Clint Miller, Upstate New York
Myron-fishing-kayak-dealer-in-Long-Island-standing-in-his-kayak First time in our new fishing kayaks!
Myron McDaniel, Long Island, New York
Wavewalk kayak tracking a plus in strong tidal current
Art Myjak, Florida
snakehead-fish-caught-in-night-fishing-trip-on-mattawoman-river-md Catching snakehead fish on the Mattawoman river
John Dillon, Maryland
uploading-wavewalk-fishing-kayak-on-car-rack-FL My Wavewalk kayak
Judson Bibb, Florida
review-of-motorized-fishing-kayak-Maryland First motorized kayak fishing adventures and rigging projects
Kenny "One-Shot" Tracy, Maryland
Wavewalk-fishing-kayak-review-SF-Bay-CA.gif Kayak crab fisherman reviews his W500
Edwin Warner, Oakland, California
ocean-fishing-kayak-review-from-New-Zealand Wavewalk W500 trial, a dawnbreakers story
Jeff Holden, New Zealand Southern Island
fishing-kayak-review-north-georgia 5 Reasons Why I Chose A Wavewalk Kayak
Paul Little, Georgia
review-of-kayak-for-underwater-scientific-testing W kayak used in underwater robotics tests
Darcy Paulin, British Columbia, Canada
Photographing_birds_from_a_kayak Photographing birds from my stealthy Wavewalk kayak
Michael Pyle, Pennsylvania
camo_fishing_kayak_Millsap_Texas The Wavewalk solved my kayak fishing back issues
Jim Taylor, Texas
Smallmouth_bass_caught_in_kayak_on_Susquehanna_river_PA Ten miles kayak fishing trip down the river and no back pain
Joe Stauder, Pennsylvania
stand_up_kayak_fising_in_the _marshes_around_Morehead_city_NC Stuff I take with me on my kayak fishing trips
Steve Anderson, North Carolina
First pink salmon in my Wavewalk kayak
Chris Henderson, Washington
review-fishing-kayak-outfitted-with-high-seat-and-motor-mount-Maine A kayak I feel I can safely fish out of
Linwood Crosby, Maine
kayak_review_Oregon_and_Washington_Northwest Test paddle of the W500 in choppy waters - review
Rich Brown, Washington
NO PICTURE This fishing kayak is doing what I wanted it to do 
Paul Mayer, Maine
paddling the stand up fishing kayak - movie Quick W500 review - The kayak for real-world stand up paddling
Jeff McGovern (movie)
Review of stable kayak for bird photography Photographing birds from my W fishing kayak
Harry Selsor, Florida
NO PICTURE I really thought my career was over before I got a W kayak
Robbie Cairl, Massachusetts
fishing kayak review Mississippi Owner Review of Wavewalk Kayak
Paul Harrison, Mississippi
review of kayak for tandem offshore paddling Offshore tandem paddling in strong wind – learning the hard way
Denise Guilbault-Langworthy, Rhode Island
review of offshore stand up fly fishing kayak I don’t like it, I love it
Bill Davenport, Massachusetts
review of a kayak rigged for fishing, Wisconsin How I outfitted my W kayak for fishing, so far
Larry Durfey, Wisconsin
fishing kayak review from Iowa The kayak that’s useful for fishing in waters around here
Paul Malm, Iowa
kayak review by 290 lbs fisherman from upstate NY 290 pound guy paddling around with no problem, and dry
Ernie Balch, New York
kayak review by elderly fisherman from Florida Comprehensive review of the Wavewalk fishing kayak/s 2006-2013
Gary Rankel, Florida
offshore kayak review from British Columbia, Canada
Review of my new offshore W kayak
Darcy Paulin, Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada
First W kayak trips on the Hood River
Perry Platt, Oregon
Review of kayak for fishing and duck hunting, Ontario, Canada
Outfitting my W kayak for fishing and duck hunting,
Gary Byrne, Ontario, Canada
review of fishing kayak with DIY outboard motor mount, New Zealand
My DIY kayak transom mount for 15″ propeller shaft outboard motor, John Mitchell, Hamilton, New Zealand
review of kayak rigged for stand up fishing and paddling
Rigging my kayak for stand up fishing in bayous and bays
Paul Harrison, Mississippi
review of stable kayak for handicapped to fishing in choppy water
No worry kayak fishing in choppy water
Harry Rainey, Jr., Florida
fishing kayak review Pensacola Florida
Couple words on these fishing kayaks
Joe Fraser, Florida
review of motorized fishing kayak vs other fishing boats and kayaks
After owning 8 boats for bass fishing, why I became a W kayak owner, and then a W kayak dealer
Michael Chesloff, Eastern New York
review of kayak for bass fishing - central Texas
Review of bass fishing kayak
Brad Campbell, Central Texas
Review of fishing kayak in Abaco island, Bahamas
Wavewalk kayak in Abaco, Bahamas
Brad Barrett, Georgia
Review of w fishing kayak by tall guy, South Carolina
6’6″ tall, both stable and comfortable in my W500 kayak
Andrew Smith, South Carolina
customer shot a video of himslef and his son in their motorized fishing kayak
Motorized W fishing kayak tandem trip in the ocean
Jorge Sevilla, Panama
a fishing kayak with a passenger and dog on board - North Dakota
First Wavewalk – Fishing Kayak Review
Mike Moody, North Dakota
fishing kayak review by family from Phoenix AZ
Review of Family Fishing Kayak
Avery Sellards, Phoenix, Arizona
Review of kayak for senior and grandchildren W Kayak With a Crew of Four Passengers
Neville Badcock, Tasmania, Australia
review of stand up fishing kayak from Maine Review of Stand Up Kayak
Barry Greindl, Maine
review of motorized fishing kayak from Kansas.gif Review of Fishing Kayak With 2.5 hp Lehr Propane Outboard
Jared Jorstad, Kansas
review of stable kayak for bird watching and photography Review of Bird Watching Kayak
Don MacAdam, Massachusetts
Review of bass fishing kayak More largemouth bass caught from my W500 kayak than in the previous 50 years+ combined
Michael Chesloff, Eastern New York
review of fishing kayak as tender for big boat WA Review of Fishing Kayak Serving as Tender for Our Big Motorboat
Alan Merrihew, Washington
review of fishing kayak for long distance trips Paddling 340 Miles In 83 Hours, In My 11 ft Long W Fishing Kayak
Clint Harlan, Missouri
review of stable kayak outfitted for wildlife photography, Iowa
Review of W500 Kayak for Photography
Paul Ekman, Iowa
motorized fishing kayak review - Alabama Rigged and Motorized Fishing Kayak
Randy Lester, Alabama
review of stand-up tandem ergonomic fishing kayak, NY Review of Tandem Stand-Up Fishing Kayak
Clint Miller, New York
fishing kayak review from Houston, TX Initial Fishing Kayak Review, in Tandem, and DIY Wheels
Craig Goulden, Texas
kayak review, Houston Texas First WaveWalk Paddle Trip
Lee Chastant, Texas
Fishing Kayak Review kayak angler standing with big striper in stand up fishing kayak Catching Stripers Standing Up In My Motorized W Kayak
Rox Davis, Connecticut
review of fishing kayak for ocean research
Review of Fishing Kayak Rigged for Ocean Research
Peter Traykovski, Massachusetts
stand up fishing kayak review, by big guy, South California
Big Guy's Initial Review of Stand Up Fishing Kayak
Mike Hancock, Southern California
fishing kayak review from Oklahoma Fishing Kayak Review
Robin Gleason, Oklahoma
review of stand up fly fishing kayak, Florida
Stand Up Fly Fishing Kayak
Ted Stevens, Florida
stand up fishing kayak review from Tennessee
Initial Review of Stand Up Fishing Kayak
Jeremy Knight, Tennessee
NO PICTURE W Kayak For Fishing and Bird Watching
Russell Dodd, Western Australia
review of stand up fly fishing kayak, Texas
Stand Up Fly Fishing Kayak Review
Glynn Gantenbein, Texas
review of fishing kayak Arizona / Mexico
Initial Fishing Kayak Review From Mexico
John Castanha, Arizona and Mexico
initial fishing kayak review - stand up fishing kayak
Initial Review of Stand Up Fishing Kayak
Jeff Taubes, Florida
kayak review, Victoria, Australia W500 Kayak Review
Steve Phillis, Victoria, Australia
rigged fishing kayak - product review
W500 Fully Rigged For Fishing - Kayak Review
Mike Hewczuk, Texas
New W500 fishing kayak review from Jeff Jeff’s Rigged W500 Fishing Kayak – New Review and Movie
Jeff McGovern, Florida
Review fishing kayak, New Zealand Maiden Voyage Account, and DIY Wheels For Kayak
Ken From Katikati, New Zealand
fishing kayak review from Northern CaliforniaMy Fishing Kayak Story
George Brewster, Northern California
first review of motorized fishing kayak, CTFirst Time Out In My W502 Fishing Kayak
Russ Hicks, Connecticut
NO PICTUREBonding With My W Fishing Kayak – Initial Review
Gary Murray, New Mexico
Review of camouflage kayak for duck hunting, NYReview of Camouflaged Kayak for Hunting and Fishing
Kevin Coughlin, New York
fishing kayak review, New HampshireOffshore Fishing Kayak With Electric Motor and Wheel
Richard Dion, New Hampshire
Fishing kayak review, South CarolinaFishing Kayak Review, South Carolina
Terry Ehrlich, South Carolina
Wildlife photography kayak, AustraliaW500 Kayak With Transportation Wheel
Ofer Levy, Sydney, Australia
Review of fishing kayak by senior kayak fisherman with a back conditionFishing Kayak Review
Tony DeFusco, New Hampshire
Fishing kayak review from Northern California
First Impressions W Fishing Kayak Review
Sam Wire, Northern California
fishing kayak review - VirginiaReview of Stand Up Tandem Fishing Kayak
Tom Soska, Virginia
review of offshore stand up fishing kayak, ItalyReview of Offshore Stand Up Fishing Kayak
Danilo Russolillo, Rome, Italy
review of kayak for tandem paddling, Ontario, CanadaReview Of The W500 As A Tamdem Kayak
Boyd and Sandy Smith, Ontario, Canada
Review of kayaks for fishing and camping - Norway and Sweden Kayak Fishing and Camping Trip Report, Norway and Sweden
Eric Overdijk, Norway
review of fishing kayak, Ohio Quick Review of W500 Fishing Kayak
John King, Ohio
Initial review of fishing kayak, llinois Catching Fish in Maiden Kayak - Review
Matt Green, Illinois
fishing kayak review and trip report, Texas Fishing Kayak Review and Trip Report
Jerry and Valerie Hudgens, Texas
fishing kayak review, Ontario, Canada W500 Fishing Kayak Review
Bruce Parks, Ontario, Canada
NO PICTURE Kayak Review by Kayaker With Spinal Fusion
Laura Palestrini, Georgia
NO PICTURE Initial Review of Kayak for Big Guys
Jim Addison, British Columbia, Canada
Review of fishing kayak / tandem - Texas
Bass Kayak Fishing in Tandem
Marshall Godfrey, Texas
TX angler landing big fish in his kayak
Touring and Fishing Kayak Review
Jesse Martinez, Texas
Review of fishing kayak, offshore, New Zealand
Offshore Fishing Kayak Review
Dennis Hodgetts, New Zealand
NO PICTURE First W500 Fishing Kayak Review From Dubai, UAE
Richie Peel, Dubai, UAE
review of stand up fly fishig kayak, CT
Short Review of Stand Up Fly Fishing Kayak
Jay Petersen, Connecticut
paddling with disabilities
Kayak review by disabled kayaker
Jos Nieuwenhuijsen, Netherlands (Holland)
Fishing kayak review, PA
First trip, second cast, first fish caught in my W kayak
Lou Fager, Pennsylvania
Review of fly fishing kayak, Minnesota Initial Review of Rigged Fishing Kayak With Wheel
Gary Thorberg, Minnesota
small sailing catamaran kayak
W500 Sailing Kayak
Rafael Francke, sailor
initial review of fishing kayak, Norway, Scandinavia
Initial W500 Kayak Review
Eric Overdijk, Norway
fishing kayak review from Mississippi First Impressions of my W500 Fishing Kayak
Paul Harrison, Mississippi
Rigged fishing kayak, Texas Fishing Kayak Rigged With a Detachable Wheel
Ray Schwertner, Texas
Rigged fishing kayak review, South Carolina Amphibious Fishing Kayak
Stan Trojanowski, South Carolina
NO PICTURE Review of the W500 as a Tandem Kayak
Ann Hubbard, North Carolina
Rigged fishing kayak, Texas Initial Fishing Kayak Review for Disabled Veteran
Gary Johnson, Texas
Review of stand up fly fishing kayak, Florida Stand Up Fly Fishing Kayak Review
Kevin Eastman, Florida
Review of stand up fishing kayak, Arizona My Stand Up Fishing Kayak - Review
Jose Fernandez, Arizona
Review of fishing kayak, Ontario, Canada
Stand Up Fishing Kayak Review
Petru Rotariu, Ontario, Canada
kayak anglers looking at beached fishing kayaks
Stand Up Fly Fishing Kayak Review
Bob Smaldone, Maine
Mike in his stand up fishing kayak A kayak for senior fishermen/a>
Mike Ratigan, upstate New York
The Kayak Angler Song: Walking on the Wave 'Walkin on the Wave' - Kayak Fly Fisherman's Song
'Unknown Traveler', Ohio
Bowfin caught in fishing kayak, Minnesota Fishing Kayak Review
W. Taylor, Minnesota
Fishing kayak rigged with seat for a dog Fishing Kayak With Dog Seat
Kay Rankel, Wisconsin
Motorized fishing kayak with folding outriggers
Motorized Kayak
Brian Vickery, California
Fishing kayak in Huntigton Harbor, California Offshore Fishing Kayak Review
Alfred Jay, California
Fishing kayak review - Alaska Stand up fly fishing kayak review
Carl Williams, Alaska
Rigged Stand Up Fishing kayak Rigged W500 Fly Fishing Kayak
Craig Masterman, Massachusetts
Rigged fishing kayak, North Carolina My Rigged W500 Fishing Kayak
Darrell Beam, North Carolina
Fishing kayak beached, South Australia Offshore Fishing Kayak Review
Shaun Wilkeson, South Australia
Fishing kayak rigged with rowing oars, Pennsylvania Fishing Kayak Rigged With Rowing Oars
Dave Baumbaugh, Pennsylvania
Ed with a 27 inch redfish caught at the fcka kayak fishing tournament Elderly fisherman's review of his kayak
Ed Wheeler, Florida
Richard in his fishing kayak, Crystal river, FL Stand up fishing kayak for elderly fishermen
Dick Sherman, Florida
Ken fishing standing in his kayak, Washington W500 reviewed by elderly stand up fisherman
Ken Short,  Port Angeles, Washington
NO PICTURE Fishing Kayak Review
James Phillips, British Columbia, Canada
Standing up in fishing kayak, Seattle, Washington Review of my stand up fishing kayak
John Hunter, Seattle, Washington
NO PICTURE Kayak review
Claire Gignac, Ontario, Canada
Kayak fishing dog, Wisconsin
Fishing kayak review by disabled angler
Sharon Bramm, Wisconsin
NO PICTURE W500 Fishing Kayak Review
Francis Muldoon, Key West, Florida
Electric motor fishing kayak, New York Electric W500 Fishing Kayak
John Zoltner, New York
W500 stand up fishing kayak review, Florida First W500 fishing kayak review
Jeff McGovern, Florida
W500 fishing kayak review, West Virginia
Elederly fisherman reviews his kayak
Tom George, West Virginia
Tiger camo fishing kayak review, Wisconsin Review of my W500 fishing kayak
John Fabina, Wisconsin
Texas fishing kayak My fishing kayak review
Stephen Cano, Texas
Roger and his new kayak, Michigan Review of my fishing kayak
Roger Sacla, Michigan
Rod in his fishing kayak, Colorado
A kayaker's review of his W500
Rod Ratzlaff, Colorado
Two fishing kayaks attached on a pickup truck bed Rigged Fishing Kayak
Gary Rankel, Florida
Tim paddling standing up in his kayak Paddler with back problems reviews his W kayak
Tim Kerr, New York
Robert standing near his two fishing kayaks, Texas Senior kayak fisherman's review of his kayak
Robert Fisher, Texas
Jeremiah in his grandfather's kayak
Fishing kayak review
Mark Mayton, New York
Noel's son in his dad's fishing kayak, Texas Dad and son - Fishing kayak review
Noel Mascarenhas, Texas
Three fishing kayaks, Connecticut Angler with sciatica reviews her fishing kayak
Roxanne Davis, Connecticut
Rhode Island kayak fisherman standing up in fishing kayak Kayak review by fisherman with back problems
Norm Craig, Rhode Island

The Discontinued W300 Series

Read more about the W300 series >

Kayaks from the new W500 series are faster and more stable than kayaks from the W300 series were.
Our W300 series kayaks were shorter and narrower that the present W500 series, and featured a higher spray deflector. The W300 hulls were only 6" wide each, compared with the 8" wide hulls of the W500 series.

In 2008, we lowered the W300's spray deflector, and the 2008 W300 became more popular than the early W300 series -

fishing kayak review, MA Review of W300 Fishing Kayak Chris Ott, Massachusetts
Muskie caught in fishing kayak, New River, NC W300 Fishing Kayak Review Donavan Campbell,  North Carolina
Fishing kayak on trolley (wheelcart), Long Island, NY W300 Fishing Kayak Review Doug Hord, Long Island, New York
NO PICTURE W300 Fishing Kayak Review Jerry Kushner, Kentucky

Jesse's dog on his fishing kayak, Southern California W300 Fishing Kayak Review Jesse Hamilton, Southern California
Rigged W300 fishing kayak, Arizona
W300 Fishing Kayak Review Bob Sandeen, Arizona
Stand up rigged fishing kayak, Alabama
W300 Fishing Kayak Review John Brown, Alabama
Fishing kayak Western Florida
W300 Fishing Kayak Review

Robert Young, W. Florida
Northern California kayak fisherman showing trouts
W300 Fishing Kayak Review

Don Rainey, N. California
Wisconsin kayak fisherman standing up in his fishing kayak W300 Fishing Kayak Review

John Fabina, Wisconsin
Fred showing a trout he caught in his fishing kayak
W300 Fishing Kayak Review

Fred Jelinek, North Carolina
Harry's fishing kayak attached behind his RV
Traveling With W300 Kayak

Harry Smallwood, Nevada
NO PICTURE Paddler's Review of W300 Kayak

Jeremy Eisler, Mississippi
Rox - Kayak fisherwoman from Connecticut My Motorized Kayak Fishing Machine
Roxanne Davis, Connecticut
California fishing kayak review Wavewalk Fishing Kayak Review

Dennis Vircks, California
Jeff L showing a trout he causght in his fishing kayak, MA Wavewalk Fishing Kayak Review Jeff Lenkowski, Massachusetts
Scott's two fishing kayaks Kayaks for Photography and Fishing Trips
Scott Johnson, Minnesota
Kid showing the first fish he caught on board his dad's kayak Kayak Fishing Dad & Son Scott Swope, Florida
Texas kayak fisherman standing in his fishing kayak W300 Fishing Kayak Review

Bevans Welder,
Fisherman and Wave Walker, Texas
saltwater fly fishing kayak kayak review Saltwater Fisherman's 2008 W Kayak
Brandon & Katie Cutter,
Cape Cod, Massachusetts
fly fishing kayak kayak review Fly Fisherman's W300 Kayak Review
Craig Masterman,  Massachusetts
fly fishing standing in kayak
Fly Fisherman's W300 Kayak Review
Ben Ciliberto,  Pennsylvania
Jenny standing on top of kayak and Tom paddling W300 Wavewalk Kayak Review Father and 9 year old daughter reviewing their 2008 W Kayak.
Tom & Jenny Buddington,  Florida
Testing the W kayak in San Diego, CA Family Paddling W300 Kayak

Jane, her daughter, and her grandchildren paddling their 08' W Kayak for the 1st time.  San Diego, California

The Early Days of the W300 Series -

Customer Kayak Reviews From 2004 to 2007

Jeff casting standing in his W fishing kayak Jeff McGovern - About The W Kayak A Floridian expert kayak fisherman's boat review
Fishing kayak rigged with electric trolling motor W Kayak outfitted with electric trolling motor Dan Carroll,  Vermont
Outrigger fishing kayak - Florida 2007 Outrigger Rowing Fishing Kayak  By Wayne Taylor, Florida
Dan standing in his kayak and fishing Kayak Angler Reviews his 2007 W Kayak Dan Carroll, Vermont
Testing the W kayak Testing The W Kayak (2007) Professional Review by Ed Wesley
Camo fishing kayak - Key West, FL Wavewalk Fishing Kayak Review  By Jo Mares, a professional boat designer and offshore saltwater kayak fisherman from Key West, Florida
sailing catamaran with kayak Cap'n Ron reviews his 2007 W kayak used as tender for his sailing yacht, Puget Sound, Washington
kayaking with dog - kayak review A sea kayaker's review of her W kayak. Norma Cavello,  Connecticut
fishing and bow hunting kayak review Scott Johnson - Big game kayak bow hunter, Minnesota
Texas gulf coast kayak review Offshore fishing kayak review By Troy Smith, Texas
Jamie's fly fishing kayak review Fly Fishing Kayak Review By Jamie Harter, Wisconsin
Review of retrofitted fishing kayak, Rhode Island Paul's Retrofitted fishing kayak - Connecticut
Jim P fishing kayak review.gif Jim Purtell, Wisconsin kayak fisherman, reviews his W300 kayak
Oregon fly fishing kayak Andrew Kumler, Oregon kayak fly fisherman
Brandon showing striped bass - kayak review Brandon Cutter's W300 F2 - Cape Cod, Massachusetts
Gary's_kayak_with_3_fishing_rods.gif Gary Rankel's Outfitted W300 Kayak - Florida
review of fishing kayak - United Kingdom (UK) W Kayak Review By Jim McGilvray, United Kingdom
Wheel for transporting fishing kayak Fishing kayak with folding inflatable wheel By John Putnam, Massachusetts

We rolled out our first Wavewalk TM kayak in 2004, and since then we've been actively seeking our customers' feedback. We use this input to assist our clients and improve their experience.
In the long run, our customers help us set the direction of our product offering. They also help us enhance the performance of what they already consider to be the world's best fishing kayak, or as some of them say "the world's best personal fishing craft".

We normally publish reviews from customers who send us enough pictures, and we publish reviews without pictures only in special cases. Our customers' reviews feature the author's full name, and state.

Many of our customers have purchased more than one W kayak over the years, and some of them contributed more than one testimonial. Typically, such reviews are different in nature, e.g. an initial review followed by a comprehensive review, or a technical review (see types of reviews below). Some of our clients contributed many stories, fishing trip reports etc., but we would not classify such multiple entries as reviews.

All of our local dealers and international distributors are W Kayak fans who realized the commercial potential in this business, and chose to take the next step by reselling our kayaks locally, or in their country. All of them actively use our kayaks for paddling and fishing, and some for motorized boating.  None of these clients turned dealers had a kayak business before, and they neither use nor resell any other fishing kayak brand except ours.
We started our dealer program in 2011, and since then it has spawned dozens of these new, customer-owned small businesses, which are yet another powerful testimonial to the unique performance and value of our kayaks. Therefore kayak reviews contributed by our dealers merit particular attention.

We're no longer interested in getting 'professional' product reviews in printed or online paddling and fishing magazines, or anonymous and under alias reviews on forums and websites dedicated to these activities, because we've noticed that most of our clients neither pay attention nor attribute particular value to either of these types of testimonials.

Types of Kayak Reviews

Different customers contribute different reviews according to who they are, their previous experience with kayaks and fishing, the time at which they wrote the review, and the personal interest they have in their kayak. Some clients contribute more than one review.

Kayak reviews typically belong to one or more of the following categories:

1. Initial ('First Impression') Review

  A review written shortly after the customer took their kayak out for the first time. The writer's previous experience (or lack thereof) with kayaks is usually noticeable, and it can affect both their perception of events, and their and account of them. The reader needs to take these factors into account.

It can happen that some people with considerable experience in traditional kayaking find it harder to get used to the W kayaking style, and such difficulties eventually disappear in their later reviews.

People who don't follow basic instructions can also report occasional problems, as expected from novices who are not in their element, and have to face conditions such as big surf, a fast river stream, or a swift tidal current - all of which are not recommended for a first trip.

2. Technical Review

  A review contributed usually by a kayak angler looking to share their technical observations, as well as information about various outfitting ('rigging') projects they undertook. Such projects came to be in order to adapt the kayak performance to a particular style of fishing (e.g. fly fishing, flats fishing, offshore fishing, bass fishing, stand up kayak fishing, oceanographic research etc.), and it involves accessories (e.g. rod holders, paddle holders) or additional modes of propulsion, such as rowing oars, a trolling motor, an outboard gas motor, or a sail. More about our clients' kayak rigging projects >

3. Kayaking and Fishing Trip Reports

  Our website features hundreds of fishing and paddling trip reports contributed by customers in four continents. A number of these vivid accounts feature on this kayak reviews page, since their author had chosen to review their W kayak through a testimonial about a trip they made by themselves or together with others.
Some customers have contributed dozens of reports each, and they feature in a special section of this website labeled 'Contributors' >
Interestingly, whether their initial experience with their W kayak was good or not, all these people report an increasing degree of satisfaction from their W kayaks the more time they spend in them.

4. Problem or Disability Related Reviews

  Many people suffer from a problem or disability that prevents them from using common kayaks, I.E. sit-in, SOT, and hybrid kayaks. Such problems are typically related to age, weight, back problems, leg problems, and other physical conditions, and often involve more than one issue.

The kayak reviews these customers contribute are particularly revealing, especially to readers who happen to be concerned by similar problems and disabilities.

You can use the 'Search' function in our Fishing Kayak Blog and look for specific words related to the problem you're interested in (e.g. back pain, lumbar fusion, etc.)

5. Dealer Review

As previously explained, all our dealers are fans of our kayaks who've decided to take the next step and resell them in their area. None of these people had thought about getting into the kayak business before encountering W kayaks, and all of them use our kayaks in their personal lives for fishing, paddling, and motorizing. To us, our dealers are first and foremost customers, and they speak not just for themselves, but for others too.

Visiting our dealers' websites and talking to them can add considerable insight to problems that our kayaks solve, and to the W experience in general.

6. Comprehensive Review

  Such reviews are rare, and they consist of a broad examination and analysis of the W kayak's performance in comparison to other small craft used for fishing, such as canoes and other kayaks. A comprehensive review is in fact an article, written by a person who benefits from considerable experience and knowledge in the field, who took the time to paddle the W kayak and fish from it in various conditions.

A comprehensive review is therefore different from the typical 'professional' review by a person who got paid to take a kayak out for a trip, and give the public a written account of their observations. The latter lacks the depth required from a comprehensive review. 

Professional Reviews and Media Coverage

We don't seek this kind of reviews, but since some media outlets publish them, here they are:

From the August 2014 edition of Norwegian outdoors magazine
Villmarksliv -

Wavewalk 500
Stable Fishing Kayak

Fishing from a kayak can be an unstable experience, so some choose a canoe instead, where there is also better space for equipment. Wavewalk 500 is a kind of middle ground, and an exciting alternative for those who like to fish or hunt from a kayak or canoe.
This is a catamaran where you sit on a raised platform in the middle. Thus your position is more upright than in a kayak, and you get less tired.
You can also get up to stretch your legs and stand when you’re fishing, since the design makes the Wavewalk steady enough.
It is fitted with four convenient carrying handles, which allows two people to carry the kayak in a comfortable way.
It is somewhat cramped for fishing for two adults, and this is primarily a kayak for one person or an adult and a child.
On relatively quiet water, two medium-weight adults can sit back to back to fish. Wavewalk 500 is pretty fast to paddle. Because there’s storage space under the deck forward, it is convenient to stick the paddle down there when it’s not not in use.
There is also a bungee cord around the cockpit and the carrying handles can be used to fasten the luggage,.
An advantage of the Wavewalk is good directional stability during paddling, and that it does not turn or drifts away quickly because of wind.
This property makes it suitable for hunting for waterfowl.
I have not tried to hunt alone, but when you’re hunting sitting you can rotate completely around the seat, an advantage for hunting flying birds.
Although the material of the boat seems a little thin, and it gives a little under load, it is sturdy enough.
+ Stable.
Directional stability.
Good sitting position.
Ability to customize for larger luggage on top but little storage inside for large-size items.
The kayak is best paddling alone, and with two people it is a compromise.
Testing Results [rating]: 5 out of 6

From the July 2014 Edition of Tackle Trade World magazine SPOTLIGHT ON BOATS AND KAYAKS -

W500 F2 Fishing Kayak

The Wavewalk W500 is a patented twin-hull fishing kayak that has witnessed a big increase in sales as the kayak fishing market has matured.
The advantages of this twin-hull design are that it offers increased stability to anglers, especially when standing up, a comfortable onboard fishing position and requires no rudder.
The kayak also boasts a huge amount of onboard space for the angler and tackle storage, and can also easily be motorised if required.

From the February/March 2014 edition of the magazine BOATING On The Hudson & Beyond -

By John, F. Vargo, Publisher
(quote): "Wavewalk Kayak is one of the top prizes
In addition to the top prize of $100,000 for a striper over 48″ and 50Lbs, there is another first prize in the April 26/27th Hudson River Fisherman’s Association Striped Bass Derby is the unique and very stable Wavewalk Kayak. It is donated by Wavewalk kayaks as a way of promoting this one of a kind kayak for fishing.
Now here is a Kayak that can go anywhere and do anything. Paddle it, put a motor on it, bang it into rocks, you name it, this kayak is made for abuse and fishing fun. The Wavewalk 500 F2 is the first prize for the largest fish caught in the two day contest…"

December 2013 - The Citrus County Chronicle, Florida.
RG Schmidt, the Outdoor News writer, published a series of articles on fishing the Nature Coast water from a paddle craft.
RG closes the last article in this series entitled ‘Talk with the experts before selecting the right kayak’ with the following words (quote):- “Hands down, the number one kayak choice for fishing is the Wavewalk (, a double-hull kayak that’s stable, roomy and comfortable but, unfortunately, expensive.”

April 2010: 'Launch Into Kayak Fishing' - By Kevin Blinkoff, Editor ON THE WATER MAGAZINE - The Angler's Guide
"Wavewalk Kayak W500 - As close to a catamaran as you can get in a kayak., the Wavewalk fishing kayak boasts exceptional stability. Anglers have no problem fishing while standing up in the Wavewalk, and with a little practice can even stand while paddling, which is perfect for sight-fishing"

March 2010: 'Super Stability' - New Products

"Introducing the world's most stable fishing kayak. Wavewalk's W500 was designed for stand-up fishing and paddling in full confidence and safety, enabling anglers to switch between multiple positions to stay fresh and comfortable for hours on end. Although it's just 136 inches long, the W500 offers 14 cubic feet of internal, dry, accessible storage space for your fishing tackle and gear - more than any traditional kayak configuration. The W500 also tracks as straight as an arrow thanks to its twin-hull design. The immersed profiles of the kayak's twin hulls also act as multiple hard chines, offering a high level of lateral resistance and enhanced stability."

February 2009: 'Wavewalk'  - Best Boats & Latest Trends
KAYAK ANGLER - The Kayak Fishing Magazine -

"Patented, true twin hull for maximum stability and ocean standup fishing and paddling. The 14" high saddle enables new positions, reduces fatigue, and eliminates back pains. Spacious cockpit offers protection for 1-2 adults, and 10 cu. ft. of dry storage. Launch, go and beach anywhere."

August 2008: 'Wavewalk Fishing Kayak' - New Tackle & Gear
"The world's most stable and comfortable fishing kayak was designed for standup paddling and fishing in full confidence, including in moving water. It allows you to switch between multiple positions so that you can stay fresh and feel comfortable for long hours. Although it's just 10' 4" long it offers 10 cubic ft of dry storage space for your tackle and gear - more than any kayak does. This kayak is also easier to launch and beach in the surf, and you can use it for surf playing standing up. US utility patent # 6871608."

January 2008: 'Wavewalk Fishing Kayaks'
TEXAS FISH & GAME, Coastal Edition, 2008 Boat Buyer Guide

"You wish there was a fishing kayak stable enough to stand in?  There is - the Wavewalk, which comes in both fishing and hunting models. These 10'2" long, roto-molded catamaran-style kayaks can carry up to 320-lbs and draft only four inches with a 160-lb load."

June 2007: 'OFF THE WALL' - Article by Mike McCrea
Official Magazine of the ACA (American Canoe Association)
Volume 27, Issue No. 4 (July/August) - Gear Review -

The Wavewalk takes outside-the-box thinking to a whole new level.
A twin-hulled catamaran kayak with a large open cockpit and longitudinal bench-style seat, the design in unique and necessitates some paddling experimentation and a bit of a learning process.
  Or perhaps an unlearning process, as the paddler realizes that routine and long-accustomed-to canoe or kayak technique isn't entirely applicable to paddling the Wavewalk; leaned turns are different, trim for condition is essential and easily altered. Switching from sitting to standing to crouching all come into play in varying conditions, and all positions are easily achieved.
  It is simple to shift positions on the fly and sit, stand, or kneel anywhere along the 54-inch-long bench seat. This ability to easily shift weight and position is especially important in turning the Wavewalk.  Shift a hip or thigh, or offset a foot pressure to push down on one hull, and the Wavewalk will curve into the turn.  Even a standing turn can be performed with solid stability.
  The Wavewalk is a design unlike any we've paddled before. The more confident we became in the Wavewalk, the more possibilities opened up. We're still exploring and still learning. And that's part of the fun."

May 2007: ‘Wavewalk Fishing Kayaks’ in the 'New Products' section of Texas Fish & Game Magazine, Coastal Edition -

"New, patented twinhull kayaks offering extreme stability that enables paddling and fishing standing in freshwater as well as saltwater, easy launching and beaching, high performance in the surf and enhanced capabilities in shallow water. The catamaran design guarantees good tracking, and the hulls’ lateral buoyancy is high enough to allow leaning into the turn for easy, rudderless steering. W kayaks feature a 14” high longitudinal saddle, which establishes new standards in ergonomics and comfort in the four basic positions, which are sitting, riding, kneeling and standing, as well as numerous intermediary positions: The passengers can switch anytime between any of these positions and reduce fatigue, leg numbness and back pain. W Kayaks offer a big, dry and accessible storage space within their hulls and spacious cockpit …They fit and carrack – no special kayak rack is required…"

April 2007: "Wavewalk W Kayak" in 'Beach gear with pizzazz' - a section of 'Executive Living', Central Florida's Lifestyle Magazine, from the Orlando Business Journal -

"This patented twin hull kayak allows you to actually surf your kayak on the waves standing up. It is easy for both adults and children to launch, paddle and control in the surf. Its stability makes it great for novices and fishermen..."

September 2006: The Denver Museum of Nature & Science chose to exhibit a W Kayak to represent innovations in boat design and engineering at the 'Engineer It!' exhibition (09/29/2006 - 01/01/2007).

September 2006: "WaveWalk Kayaks" in 'Casting Off - Latest in Boats & Power' - Florida Sportsman Magazine:
"The WaveWalk kayak enables fishing and paddling in several positions, including standing, which improves comfort and reduces fatigue... It offers a big and dry storage space within the cockpit..."

February 2006: "WaveWalk W Kayaks"- New boat review in the Feb/Mar issue of Shallow Water Angler Magazine, The Magazine of Inshore Saltwater Fishing -

"...Twin-hulled W Kayaks allow anglers to stand while searching for fish or casting. The boat tracks like a catamaran, and turns without a rudder when the pilot leans into a turn.  You can paddle while standing, kneeling or sitting..."

W fishing kayak on MIT Sloan magazine -cover page October 2005: The W Kayak on the cover of the inaugural issue of the MIT Sloan Magazine Photo by John Earle -
"...Our solution came in the form of a uniquely designed kayak called the Wavewalk..."

September 2005: "A Personal Catamaran" - A boat design article by Yoav Rosen in Multihulls Magazine

July 29, 2005: "WaveWalk" Article and boat review by Adam Bolonsky in WaveLenghth Magazine - 
"...Meanwhile I was standing in my WaveWalk—every kid’s dream, to stand on water. Finally I got the hang of it. A Greenland-style sliding stroke was the best way, I discovered, to get the paddle blades deep enough into the water to generate torque...
...I straightened my right knee, flexed up my left, and felt the increase in pressure on the starboard hull of the WaveWalk force the hull’s outside chine deep into the water. The WaveWalk carved a left turn as neatly as an edged ski, yet without loss of balance. Then I reversed the move. An S-curve. This was fun. I tried it again...
...As a kayak fisherman, I have long lamented the traditional sea kayak’s limitations. In a sea kayak all you do is sit, and you do that a lot. My most comfortable trips have always been those to sand flats where I have walked and stalked fish, or those with multiple-stop destinations, if only because I could step out of my cockpit frequently. With the WaveWalk, you can stand when you want and it’s no party trick. And more important—when you stand you don’t lose propulsion.   What a fun and useful craft this would be, I thought, on places like Cape Cod’s Monomoy or Billingsgate sandbars, or for fly fishermen who want to stand, with a stripping basket, and to float flies towards deadheads and logs in search of largemouth. As for kids, well, this boat would be perfect. It’s easy to paddle, it’s stable, it’s car-toppable (two will fit on the roof of my Corolla wagon), and two or three kids could fit in one.
...A true double-ender, you simply swivel on its bench if you want to reverse direction. To stand, you do just that. To land, you paddle hard, scoot back on the bench to lift the bows up, then slide onto land over roots, rocks or stumps. Launching is the reverse: scootch down the bench like a rider urging his horse forward, and feel your momentum slide your craft down the beach.
...What’s most refreshing about the WaveWalk is its lack of pretension. This is a boat designed and constructed to liberate a paddler from concerns about paddling form, good technique, expeditions, navigation, rescue ops or one’s rank in the pecking order of local paddling hotshots. Though you can use such frills as J-strokes, bow and stern rudders, sweep turns and so on, it’s just so much easier to stand and crimp the boat around with alternated degrees of foot pressure...’s fun to paddle and well constructed. It will appeal to the camp and family market, and to kayak fishermen and photographers."

June 13, 2005: "To walk on the Water" - Article by Wu Mei in
China Business News, Shanghai, China

May 27, 2005: Article about WaveWalk by Walter Ying in City Express, Hang Zhou - Zhe Jiang province, China  Article

February 2005: Short documentary by Sebastian Basco- Wildmind Productions for Italian TV show for teenagers

November 29 2004: Article by Kaede Seville in the Nikkei Marketing Journal

September 26 2004: "The Dreamer"  Article by Stephen Jermanok
The Boston Globe - Sunday Magazine / Profile
"I am startled by the ease of navigating and the quickness of the boat. Then I bolt upright..."

August 2 2004: "Inventing a Way to Walk on Water" Article by Teresa Riordan  The New York Times - Business / Patents Section
This article was reprinted by America Online (AOL) and The International Herald Tribune (IHT), and echoed by electronic and printed media worldwide

April 12, 2004: Boat review by Adam Pearsall, whitewater canoeist and canoe designer, founder of
"...Two weeks or so ago I had the chance to paddle Yoav's W Boat. Here are my impressions:
1) It is MUCH narrower in person than it looks in the images (this is a good thing)
2) It is VERY stable
3) It is as easy to paddle standing as sitting, and is very stable fore and aft as well.
4) You CAN paddle it with a single blade, but I admittedly found it a bit easier with a double-blade (I probably needed a longer paddle, though...I had one of my C1 sticks).
...The boat is VERY stable, you can bounce up and down in it (it's quite fun, actually), and the plastic is good stuff (hard enough not to get scratched too badly be dragging it over the ground or "penguin leaps", but suprizingly light for it's size). For a rec. boat it would be great ... or any type of boating where you want a durable, stable platform.
Yes, it's still quite fast (not sea-kayak fast, of course, but I'd guess faster than your average rec boat)..."

March 2002: Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT)
MIT Entrepreneurship Competition -Team WaveWalk makes it to the semi finals with its business plan for innovative water sports equipment.

This Invention Is Protected By U.S. Utility Patent Number 6871608

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