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Demo Movies

This page features more than a dozen online videos that may take a few seconds to load -
You won't regret being patient -

NEW VIDEO: 2015 W570 Offshore

1. Super Stability

This is not just a catch phrase, it's a new reality enabled by our invention, for which the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) granted us utility patent No. 6871608

This video got over 100,000 views, so far. It will change the way you think about kayak stability, stand up paddling, and stand up fishing from a kayak.

2. Stand up fishing kayak outfitted with 2 hp outboard motor

Driving standing up

Unbelievable fun, and it's pretty easy -

(Don't try this with another kayak)

3. NEW: The 2015 W570 series for offshore motorizing

This new video shows the new W570 outfitted with the new detachable, inflatable side flotation modules, the new detachable and lightweight spray shield, and the new lightweight transom mount that can fit 20" (long) and 15" (short) shaft outboard motors.
Watch this new type of watercraft performing in the chop, and the user driving it standing...

More info

4. Unrivaled Mobility

This kayak allows you to launch, go and beach where no other kayak can

Paddle and pole over obstacles, climb rocks...

5. Extreme Stability

Paddling this stand up fishing kayak during tropical storm Irene

Many W kayakers enjoy being on the water on windy days, when others stay at home

6. Stand Up Fishing Kayak

Motorized (2 hp outboard) at the beach

Full offshore capabilities, even if you choose to stand up

7. Tandem Paddling

A 200 lbs paddler and a 135 lbs paddler paddling this fishing kayak in tandem.

8. W Kayak Rigged For Fishing

Jeff McGovern shows how he rigged his W kayak so he can fish out of it with maximum comfort and no hassle. Jeff shows how he stores his tackle in the cockpit and hull tips, and keeps it always dry and always within his reach.

9. The Only True Stand Up Fly Fishing Kayak

Craig Masterman shows why this kayak is unequaled for stand up fly fishing

10. Extreme Stand Up Paddling

This is not your everyday stand up paddling - This video shows a middle-aged guy going on water with leaps and bounds. It demonstrates a level of stability that neither kayak nor SUP board can get close to

11. Easy and Dry Launching and Beaching

Launching: Just walk in, or hop in, and paddle.
Your feet stay dry

Beaching: Raise the kayak's bow by moving to the cockpit's rear, paddle straight to the beach, and walk out.
Your feet stay dry.

12. Walk Inside and Paddle Standing

This video was shot from the paddler's point-of-view

13. High Performance Kayak Sailing

Sail this kayak upwind and standing up

14. Fully Rigged W Fishing Kayak

John Fabina from Wisconsin shows how he rigged his W kayak for fishing

15. Extreme Stability In The Riding Position

The Riding position in the W kayak is unique in the paddling world. It is similar to the position typically used by operators of high performance vehicles such as jet-skis, all-terrain vehicles (ATV) and snowmobiles.
The Riding posture combined with the patented deep twin hulls offers the W kayak operator the highest possible degree of control, balance, and stability tat any kayak or canoe may offer.

16. Surf Stand Up Kayaking (Walking on Waves)

This old movie shows an early W kayak model named the W300 in surf paddling action, standing up.
The W300 was smaller, narrower, and less stable than our current line of kayaks, but even so, it was the world's stablest kayak by far for its time - before we came out with the W500 series.
We came out with the W300 series in 2004 and discontinued it in 2010.

Watch more W fishing kayak movies on our YouTube channel
Over 1,150,000 views so far...

Complementary Information

Seeing is believing, which is why this page features these incredible demo movies.
But reading can reveal subjective things that are hard to perceive in a video, such as comfort and well-being -
-Why do big and tall guys love this kayak?
-Why is it the only kayak that people with serious back problems and other disabilities can comfortably paddle and fish from?
-How do W kayak anglers who are in their seventies spend the whole day in their W kayaks without getting out of it?

Read what our clients have to tell about their experience paddling their W kayaks and fishing from them, rigging and motorizing them: W fishing kayak reviews >

This Invention Is Protected By U.S. Utility Patent Number 6871608

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