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Children's Preferred Kayak

Kayaks should offer high performance not just as fishing and paddling platforms for adults. Children too like to have fun fishing and paddling with adults or by themselves, and the W kayak offers both them and their parents more ways to have fun -

Ten year old boy in green fishing kayak and big wave
  Ten year old boy having fun in the surf


Although children are smaller than adults and therefore are less prone to destabilizing their kayak they are also more careless and forgetful, and tend to get overexcited and sometime even to panic.  This is why in order to be considered fit for children a fishing kayak needs to be very stable to begin with, and the W fishing kayak is unrivaled  when it comes to stability.


Children should feel comfortable sitting and standing in a fishing kayak, and you can be sure that even children as young as five feel perfectly at ease doing both in our W fishing kayak.

Ease Of Use:

Children are usually less skilled than adults when it comes to paddling, and it is important that a fishing kayak be easy for children to launch and beach without an adult's help. It should also be easy for children to track as well as turn their kayak without having to use a rudder.  Here  too, W fishing kayaks are easier to use and handle than any other type of kayak or canoe.


Fun means different things for different people in different times -
It means you may want to play with your fishing kayak in the surf or let your kids or grand kids do it by themselves - solo or in tandem.   Here too, you will find that our W fishing kayak offers you and the children you care about more than you'd ever expected.


Children like to paddle with adults but they also love to paddle by themselves if they feel confident enough in their kayak -

Children surf playing at the beach and touring the river (2 minutes):

8 year old kid seal launching (online video)
3 children and grandfather in W  kayak Tasmania, Australia

Children kayak fishing
More family fishing fun

Kids paddling standing in kayak
Two boys paddling standing in W500 kayak

3 kids paddling a fishing kayak
2 teenagers and younger kid in W fishing kayak, AZ

Kid in stand up fishing kayak
Kid's first fish in his father's W500 kayak

Kid showing fish he caught to his grandfather, both in a kayak
Norm Craig and his grandson fishing in tandem in a W500 >

More Pictures

Over the years, we've collected photos showing children having fun paddling W kayaks on flat water and in the ocean.
The kids are shown with adults on board and by themselves, sitting and standing.
Here are some of theses pictures for you to enjoy:

Kid paddling a green fishing kayak

Mom fishing with her two daughters
two adults and toddler on board kayak
Two adults and toddler on board a W500

Mother and her two children paddling a fishing kayak
Mom and two boys paddling their W300 kayak
Two brothers in their fishing kayak
Two kids goofing on their W300 kayak
two kids and mom in fishing kayak
Mom and two kids in W300 kayak

8 year old tackling a 4 ft breaker in the surf
8 year old kid tackling a 4 ft breaker
girl with dad in fishing kayak
9 year old paddling while dad is resting...

9 year old boy standing and jumping in fishing kayak
9 year old boy jumping in his fishing kayak

2 kids kayak surfing in tandem in green fishing kayak
Kids 10 and 7 surfing in their fishing kayak

boy jumping standing in his fishing kayak
Some jumping and dancing in the kayak...

kid demonstrating standup paddling in fishing kayak
Stand up paddling in style...

9 and 6 years old kids paddling their fishing kayak
9 and 6 years old boys paddling in tandem
5 year old kids paddling in tandem a yellow fishing kayak using canoe paddles
5 year old kids paddling standing in kayak

Boy kayak surfing at Jenness Beach, NH
11 year old boy kayak surfing

girl standing in green fishing kayak
Girl paddling standing in her fishing kayak
Kids standing in their fishing kayaks on the river
Kids paddling standing in their kayaks

Mom and boy - tandem in yellow fishing kayak
Mom taking kid for a ride in a fishing kayak

Children in fishing kayaks at the beach
Kids kayak playing in the surf, NH
10 year old children paddling their fishing kayaks
Kids scouting the river in their W kayaks

Kids in green fishing kayak surfing
Kids catching waves in their fishing kayak

Three kids in fishing kayak in winter
3 kids in a fishing kayak on a cold winter day
Dad and two boys in yellow fishing kayak with side floatation
Dad with two boys on board fishing kayak

6 year old kid kayaking with his dad in a fishing kayak
6 year old boy paddling with his dad

Group of kids in green and yellow fishing kayaks
Children kayak racing in tandem
7 year old kids tandem in yellow fishing kayak
7 year old kids paddling in tandem
Mom and boy in family kayak
Mom and boy paddling standing in tandem

5.5 year old kid paddling his fishing kayak by himself
5.5 year old kid paddling his kayak solo
Two 5 year old kids paddling yellow fishing Kayak in tandem
5 year old kids discovering tandem paddling

Mom and boy tandem kayaking in the surf

kids in their fishing kayaks
Easy and intuitive for small kids to learn
10 year old boy in his yellow fishing kayak - ocean
10 year old kayak surfing
Dad and two boys in yellow fishing kayak
Ideal for family kayak fishing trips

Tom and Jenny paddling in the surf
Tom and Jenny paddling in the surf, FL

Two kids fishing in a yellow kayak
Two small kids fishing from their kayak

Ten year old boy in yellow fishing kayak over a big wave - ocean
10 year old surf launching

Mom_and_6_ year_old_boy_in_fishing_kayaks_in_big_waves
Mom and 6 year old boy surf kayaking
Mom and kids in yellow fishing kayak
High performance in family fun
Three kids playing with their fishing kayaks
Kids' naval battle in fishing kayaks

kids seal launching their fishing kayaks from a dock
Kids seal launching from a dock
Mom and boy in fishing kayak with canoe paddles
Paddling a W fishing kayak 'canoe style'
Kids in a yellow fishing kayak in the surf
Two boys having fun kayaking in  the surf

Kayak fishing with kids
Kids can get excited during a fishing trip
Two kids in fishing kayak at the beach
The easiest fishing kayak for small kids
6 year old boy with his mom paddling a fishing kayak
5 years old with his mom in W fishing kayak

2 boys standing in their fishing kayak
7 and 10 year old boys paddling in tandem
Girl kayaking on the Charles River, MA
Girl kayaking on the Charles River, MA
10 year old children paddling fishing kayaks
10 year old kids paddling standing

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